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Founder and Grandmaster Of the Shishikan Bujutsu Kai Kevin Pereira Hanshi demonstrating various techniques from the system in this super remix video.
Shishikan has earned the best professional endorsements from those in the business of self defense, law enforcement and life-and-death survival. Martial Arts Master and Grand Master from all over the world fully endorse this system

the school is located in the bronx for more info please contact Shishikanbujutsu@gmail.com
or log onto Shishikan.weebly.com
twitter @Hanshikevin

Experimentation of 3D Aikido Video Part 1 : Taijutsu © esavalli – Aiki-Dojo.fr http://aiki-dojo.fr/videos/aikido-video-3d.html.

An old video trailer from martial arts teacher Adam Mitchell’s DVD set released in 2006. This trailer is from Volume 3, focusing on ukemi and nage waza kihon…

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Pieniä palasia kuopiolaisen jujutsu-seura Naattijoiden harjoittelusta. Lisää osoitteessa:http://www.jujutsunaattijat.fi/

Matt Serra teaches you Jiu-Jitsu in this instructional video…This is Volume 1 of 4 and this is part 1 of 5 from this volume…

Taijutsu promotion video http://danielharmon73.wix.com/koga-ryu-ninjutsu This is a promotional video for Dan Harmon’s new training video that will soon be re…

Instructors | John Riddle & Leigh Garczynski | http://www.progressiveselfdefensesystems.com Produced by: The WEI Network – www.weinetwork.com Music by: Antho…

O BoxeTaijutsu é um Sistema Moderno de Combate e Defesa Pessoal Urbana. Foi criado recentemente pelos Mestres Gaspar e Mestre Cleber Santana presente na apli…