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Members of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force with the Western Army Infantry Regiment conduct a live-fire platoon attack on Range 223B aboard Marine Corps .
JGSDF Training at Exercise Iron Fist 2015 – Japan Ground Self Defense Force (陸上自衛隊) Soldiers with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and .
陸上自衛隊・西部方面普通科連隊(西普連 / WAiR)とアメリカ海兵隊・第1海兵遠征軍(第11海兵遠征部隊 / 11MEU)との毎年恒例の日米合同水陸両用軍事演.

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For more information! at http://tinyurl.com/ce635rk

For more information! at http://tinyurl.com/ce635rk

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Russian Spetsnaz Training Center offers reality based self defense classes, instructional DVDs, seminars and online certification.

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Systema Spetsnaz International training center of Russian Martial Art hand to hand combat offers reality based self defense training, instructional DVDs and Online training.

Systema Russian Spetsnaz is based on the natural flow of the energy and efficiency of motion within space and time. Techniques are simple and practical, allowing the student to learn and advance at their own pace.

The roots of Systema Spetsnaz (Russian Martial Arts) date to the 10th century, developed by Cossacks (Russian Warrior’s). Traditional training methods are utilized with modern concepts of combat. Russian Systema, the combat of Russian Special Forces (Russian Spetsnaz Training), are based on scientific approach and is adaptable for bodyguards, police, security or civilian self defense training.


We are at Systema Spetsnaz – Russian Martial Arts Academy strongly believe that Self-Development training important for any Martial Artists. Learning combat techniques and improving your physical shape is not enough.Knowing your Reserve Hidden Abilities as well as ability to develop and manage your Internal Body Energy will benefit your Martial Arts techniques and, also, will help you to find a Harmony in your Body, Mind & Spirit.Piece of Mind and Strong Internal Power are what makes a professional Martial Artists Impregnable and help you to achieve the Martial Arts Mastery!

Self-Development Course is a complex of healing, self-improvement, self-knowledge, personal growth and hidden internal energy development. The system is based on ancient Russian, Chinese and Indian cultures and combined with modern research in metaphysics and psychology. It is a unique system of science and philosophy, which harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components necessary for human health and well-being.


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