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As people have known that, Ninja is a person who excels in a particular skill or activity. Skills of daken-taijutsu or striking, kicking, and blocking; jutai-jutsu or grappling, choking and escaping the holds of others, and taihenjutsu or silent movement, rolling, leaping, and tumbling asisted the Togakure ninja in life-threatening, defensive situations. They were originally from Japan.
But in Vietnam, we use this term to define a middle-aged WOMAN who drives a motorbike (called Lead). They use their own skills to control their motorbike while carry a lot of things. In this video, the woman tries to balance a long pile on the motorbike but still keep driving on the road.
This road with 3 lanes but this long pile blocked the views and almost half of the road of other drivers

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Levi sings the full spell song and turns evil! The Power Rangers race into the city to battle Levi (Gold Ranger). Did you catch the Ninpo Kinji reference?

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 3 Clips:

Cast: William Shewfelt (Brody / Red Ranger), Nico Greetham (Calvin / Yellow Ranger), Zoe Robins (Hayley / White Ranger), Peter Sudarso (Preston / Blue Ranger), Chrysti Ane (Sarah / Pink Ranger), Jordi Webber (Levi / Gold Ranger)

This video is from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel “Tough Love” (Episode 3 / Season Premiere). .

All-new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel air on Nickelodeon.

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Только драки, только хардкор, только на этом канале фильм – крав мага тренировки часть 4 ——————————- Only fighting only hardcore on this …

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Final Fight 2 Promo Preview

Final Fight 2 is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. It is a sequel to the coin-operated video game Final Fight (which was also released for the SNES). Final Fight 2 was developed by Capcom’s consumer division with no preceding coin-op version produced. The game was re-released onto the Virtual Console in 2009.

Unlike the SNES version of the first game, Final Fight 2 supports two-player simultaneous play and has a total of three playable characters. The only playable character from the first game to return is Haggar. Two new player characters were introduced, Carlos and Maki. In the game’s plot, the three battle the resurgent Mad Gear gang at various locations around the world to rescue Maki’s sister and father, who are also the fiancée and teacher respectively of Guy from the first Final Fight.

Capcom followed up the game with another SNES-exclusive sequel, Final Fight 3, which saw the return of Guy to the series. None of the new characters from Final Fight 2 returned, although Maki made appearances in various Capcom fighting games years later.

Final Fight 2 does not deviate much from the original Final Fight in terms of gameplay, although unlike the SNES version of the first game (and the alternate version Final Fight Guy), Final Fight 2 features a two-player cooperative mode in addition to the single-player mode. The player has a choice between three characters: Haggar, who uses professional wrestling techniques; Maki, a female master of the fictional ninjutsu school of Bushin-ryū Ninpō, similar to Guy from the first game; and Carlos, a South American martial artist of Japanese descent who uses a sword for his Special Move. Through use of a code, two players can select the same character. Like in the original game, each character has their own set of fighting techniques and abilities unique to each character.

The gameplay remains the same as in the original game. The player has two main action buttons (Attack and Jump), which when pressed together, makes the player’s character perform their Special Move (a third button can also be assigned for this purpose). The player proceed through levels fighting against hordes of underlings before reaching a boss character at the end of each stage. Health-restoring food items and other bonus point items are hidden away in breakable drums and barrels. There are also three retrievable weapons in the game, a tonfa, a piece of lumber and a knife. There is also a “Genryusai Doll” which makes the player invulnerable for a limited period and a “Guy Doll” which gives the player an extra life.

There is a total of six stages in the game, each set in a distinct Eurasian country: Hong Kong, France, Holland, England, Italy and Japan. As in the original game, the player will be pitted against numerous types of recurring enemy characters thorough the game. The only returning enemy characters from the original SNES game are the Andore family. Rolento, a boss character who was in the first Final Fight but omitted from the SNES port, appears as a boss character in this game (with his name spelled “Rolent”).

The player can adjust the difficulty (along with other settings) of the game in the options menu. Like in Final Fight Guy, each difficulty setting reveals only a certain portion of the ending, with the full ending being shown only by completing the game on the Expert setting.

Только драки, только хардкор, только на этом канале фильм – крав мага тренировки часть 2 ——————————- Only fighting only hardcore on this …

Только драки, только хардкор, только на этом канале фильм – крав мага тренировки часть 6 ——————————- Only fighting only hardcore on this …