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http://www.silatsuffian.net Visit our website for more info on future seminars and events. TEKPI, also known as SAI TRISULA, TJABANG, JITTE Before its arriva…

http://www.silatopencircle.com : “Slovenia Seminar” 27-28/09/14 Here’s a glimpse from the 2 day seminar organised by T.B.S. Slovenija. In this clip Alvin Gui…

The techniques of Panantukan, Balintawak, Kali Stick Fighting, Empty Hands of Silat, Combat Knife and Sword ! www.hk-silat.com.

training of martial arts pencak silat vs kungfu.. from musthafawiyah moeslim school,,, barsianyang sajo de kawani.

Dövüş Bilimi Boxsetin tamamı için… http://belgeselmi.tk.

Transformasi Perjuangan zaman kini dan dahulu berlainan.

Ni Luh Putu stems from the Bakti Negara style in Bali.

She reached a great expertise in handling weapons such as the Kriss. Her specialty is to combine weapon techniques with locks and moves specific to her Bali style.

The Jurus that she’s performing will demonstrate the whole complexity of the handling of this weapon, but the diversity of the view angles will allow you to learn very easily these techniques and the various applications against an opponent with a weapon.

Dexterity, suppleness, patience and the Kriss will no longer have any secrets for you.

Démonstration de Silat Seni Gayong lors du Best of Best Pencak Silat 2006 à Paris.

le Silat Seni Gayong ou Gayong Malaysia est un style de Pencak Silat originaire de Malaysie; il fût créé par Dato’Meor Abdul Rahman (1915-1991).

Lors de cette démonstration nous pouvons voir:
* le Bunga Tanjung
* le Gerakan Rajawali.
* Kunci et Pukulan
* Pentas Keris
* Pentas Pisau (couteau)

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