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A barbershop manager says three men attacked one of the barbers in a case of self defense.

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Mix Martial Arts Fight Style For Self Defense – Workout Swag

Workout Swag The Largest Selection Of Motivational Videos About Martial Arts. Watch Martial Arts Tutorial For Beginners Thanks.

This California teen, who survived a stroke, multiple bouts of cancer, and a brain tumor that left him blind, beat his own best time in a self-defense training relay.

Uploader and trainer @milliondollarbeast posted this caption along with the video: “For those of you who don’t know.. This champion is now 18yr. Old, I used to train him from 6-8yr. At 8 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor which required multiple huge surgeries. In the process he suffered a massive stroke which caused him to lose most of his use of the right side of his body. Another surgery resulted in him loosing his eye site… he’s been through multiple bouts of cancer but is now on his longest remission and the doctors say he is now cancer free! If he can have this attitude after all he’s been through … how can you not be happy and realize you can handle anything life throws at you ❤” Credit: Instagram/milliondollarbeast via Storyful

White Tiger Kung Fu (http://www.tigerkungfu.com), or Bak Fu Pai in Cantonese, is a southern Chinese internal martial art.

Also known as “The Emperor’s Art,” White Tiger Kung Fu has been passed down through the Doo family for nearly 400 years.

The Doo family served as the right hand to Chinese emperors, and their security force protected the emperor during feudal times. They were responsible for both the emperor’s physical safety as well as his health and well-being.

Believed to have been lost in the 1800′s, Bak Fu Pai is still around today. It was said, “that the only time someone saw the White Tiger system was just before death.” Considered one of the most secretive, mysterious, and deadly arts in the world, White Tiger has recently been made available to the public through the current grandmaster’s certified instructors.

Steven Seagal Aikido self defense demonstration.

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in this video we train the wrist lock nikyo, lenny sly of the rogue warriors training compound. Teaches how to do combative concepts to Dana, watch how she .
▻ How to fight multiple attackers with 5 simple Wing Chun techniques .

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Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt & Geoff Zanelli