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What do I think of the changes to Ninpo or Ninja Magic in this game? View to find out!

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Though the exact origins of the Southeast Asian martial art of Silat are unclear, due to lack of written historical records, it is said to have developed based on human observation and imitation of animals including the monkey, eagle and tiger. Silat was historically used in the many wars between various indigenous tribes of the Malay islands. Later, when the region was occupied subsequently by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, Silat was largely practiced in secret. Japanese occupation during World War II largely destroyed British rule in the region, and the Malayan states began establishing their independence immediately following the war. Silat–which can be translated as to fight or to fight in self-defense–is most commonly practiced in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and the Philippines. In Malaysia alone, some 500 styles of Silat exist; Indonesia, where the art is known as Pencak Silat, boasts 200 more. Interest in Silat has grown exponentially in the 20th century, and it is now practiced all over the world. Malay cultures prize Silat as a self-defense system, a sport and a way of life; they see it as teaching moral as well as physical discipline. The International Pencak Silat Foundation, founded in 1980, has been working since then to promote Silat and to get the sport included in the Olympic Games. Silat fighters use a balanced array of offensive and defensive techniques, sophisticated footwork and intricate hand motions, which are learned in stages as

NG3 UN / DAY 1 / No Ninpo / Dragon Sword & Falcon Talons. NOTE1: I recently download the UN Pack from the PSN, and I wanted to upload at least the first chapter without using ninpo…since in my MN run I spammed it a lot :) NOTE2: You can improve a lot some fights..at first I thought on doing a no save run on this chapter…but the third fight always gave me troubles…those damn rocket launchers!! -You can use SoB against the mages/alchemist during the first fight, using the missile guys to start the quote…but it’s dangerous..also I should have killed 3 mages with the UT instead of 2…one mage start to do his magic barrier just in time. -And you can clearly do much more SoB in the second and third fight. I supposed I just played it safe :o Enjoy!