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It is very common for men and women to take self-defense lessons someday in their life, however often times what will be useful in a real fight may not be the things you learned. There is an old saying in the self defense community which says, “Pride goes Before The Fall.” Regardless of what style of martial arts system you’re studying, whether it’s Taekwondo, BJJ, Krav Maga, or even one of the numerous others, truly having the ability to handle a real fight and just believing you could are not the same thing.

People who are a cop, security officer, or one of the other professions that have a greater possibility of dealing with violence, are well advised to take some martial arts training. If you are just a regular guy, understanding ways to take care of yourself is one good thing to learn to fight off bad elements in today’s world.

In order to look after oneself you don’t have to worry about getting huge like a weight lifter. It is not always true that you need to be larger than your attacker to get the best of them, you only need to understand how to manage harmful scenarios. If you don’t want to use a knife or gun, you don’t have too, self-defense is not about maiming or killing attackers, it is a way of handling challenging circumstances by being mindful of your environment and learning core self-defense techniques. For anybody who wants to learn a little more about the stuff I am talking about, you’re just about to uncover techniques you can utilize in real life scenarios.

Be sure to watch in 1080p HD Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/kinggoken Welcome to the 28th edition of my online tournament series! The theme for this tournament is Taijutsu only meaning that all players can only use combo attacks (I allowed the uses of items and shurikens). Who will come on top in these singles matches? Watch and find out!

www.NinjaTrainingOnlineDojo.com Ninja Training online through Live video is not a substitute to train without a teacher or going to a Ninjutsu dojo . Ninja Training online through Live streaming video to your location. I would like to offer you an opportunity to join me as I teach my Bujinkan Ninjutsu martial arts classes from my dojo, and make it available to your location to watch at your convenience either live or for later viewing. Have you ever wanted to study the Japanese martial arts of the Samurai and Ninja? I am Chris Carbonaro Bujinkan Shihan and have made Ninjutsu Training online now available. I have studied martial arts for nearly twenty years and currently hold the rank of 12th Degree Black Belt and obtained a Japanese Menkyo (Certification to teach) the martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu by Grandmaster Dr. Masaaki Hastumi. I am also a personal student of Toshiro Nagato Sensei 15th-Degree Black Belt under Hatsumi Sensei. I have lived and trained in Japan from December 2001 to September 2004 and continue to travel to Japan twice a year to study Ninjutsu of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu with Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi Soke and Toshiro Nagato Sensei. I am fluent in Japanese, and have translated for Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei, Toshiro Nagato Sensei, Noguchi Sensei, Oguri Sensei and Senou Sensei. http


Perhaps you’ve taken a martial arts program or 2, but know that there is a difference concerning the things you’ve learned and a real fight? There is an ancient proverb in the self defense community which says, “Pride goes Before The Fall.” No matter what style of martial arts system you’re training in, whether it be Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, or one of the numerous other systems, really having the ability to handle a street fight and just thinking you are able to aren’t the same thing.

In case you are involved in any career where you have an increased risk of being attacked, learning the correct way to defend yourself is a smart choice. Most likely you’re not a cop or guard, nevertheless understanding how to take care of your self in the event of a violent attack can help everyone.

To be able to handle yourself there’s no need to worry about bulking up like a bodybuilder. You don’t need to be larger or stronger than your attacker, all you have to do is learn the proper way to deal with situations that may get you in trouble. If you don’t wish to use a knife or pistol, you do not have too, self-defense is not about hurting or killing assailants, it’s a way of handling challenging circumstances by being mindful of your surroundings and mastering key self-defense skills. If your interest is piqued, you are about to be taught some techniques that may help you handle a potentially dangerous situation.

Rules:Taijutsu ONLY (Circle Combos) No Ultimate or Special Attacks! (KILLING TIME AND JUST HAVING FUN) Have you done this before? Sorry For Failing :( (Note: Kakashi’s Combos End in a Ninjutsu but there isnt anything i can do about that XD. YOU GET THE POINT THO) (ALSO TESTING 1080P)…