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Sensei Paul Woodward and student James Booker practising ninpo taijutsu with the feeling of mushin (no mind). The defender doesn’t plan anything but moves spontaneously whilst maintaining a state of emptiness and awareness. Mushin allows the subconscious mind to flow and instantaneously respond and adapt to each moment of the attack as perceived through the clarity of awareness. The clearer and more stable the awareness, the smoother the flow. The more techniques previously trained, the more possible responses. The better the quality of past training, the more effective the result. The form of every attack is unknown and ever changing – so we must find a way to accord with this actuality. The ability to adapt, create and perfect our movement can be found in the state of mushin. Ninpo Taijutsu can excel in this state because of its adaptability and natural functionality. Get training – love training – keep training :) www.blacksnowninpo.com Music track ‘Taiko Triads’ by Bjorn Lynne courtesy of www.shockwave-sound.com

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