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Japan Self-Defense Forces memorial day military parade 23.10.2016

VSB defense:\r
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China Military Power VS Japan Military Power\r
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Aircraft Carriers-Modern Warships-Big bigger the worlds Biggest\r
Big Bigger Biggest Cruise Ship — Race To Become The Biggest\r
BIG BIGGER BIGGEST: aircraft carrier\r
Aircraft Carriers – Extreme Machines – Discovery Channel Documentary\r
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BIG BIGGER BIGGEST: aircraft carrier\r
Big Bigger Biggest Cruise Ship — Race To Become The Biggest\r
NATO Future Aircraft Carriers – YouTube\r
Aircraft Carriers – Extreme Machines – Discovery Channel Documentary\r
Aircraft Carriers-Modern Warships-Big bigger the worlds Biggest\r
Vídeo ualizado a junio de new.\r
las armadas mas poderosas del mundo.\r
este ranking está basado en:\r
1º el estudio de las capacidades de alta mar. La guerra de minas y la defensa costera.\r
2ºdatos de las marinas.\r
3ºEn la fuerza de escolta, en la capacidad antiaérea. Destaco la capacidad AEGIS de países aliados de los americanos y la capacidad del SA-N-6 ruso. Me parece de una importancia vital destacar la capacidad de estos sistemas para interceptar un ataque de misiles de crucero, hacer control de tráfico aéreo y, quizás en el futuro cercano, la interceptación de un ataque de misiles balísticos y el uso de este sistema de combate en la guerra espacial antisatélite.\r
4ºEn el aprovisionamiento logístico, únicamente en el aprovisionamiento de combustible en alta mar. Entiendo que el aprovisionamiento de sólidos, munición, etc, se puede realizar con la marina civil (el caso inglés en la guerra de las Malvinas),. en \r
7ºEste ránking en ningún caso indica quién le ganaría la guerra a combate, si los buques los fabrica o no el propio país, antigüedad de la flota, presencia de bases en el exterior, etc).\r
The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA; simplified Chinese: 中国人民解放军; traditional Chinese: 中國人民解放軍; pinyin: Zhōngguó Rénmín Jiěfàngjūn) is the military of the Peoples Republic of China (PRCbranches: the Peoples Liberation Army Ground Force, the Peoples Liberation Army Navy, the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force The Japan Self-Defense Forces (自衛隊 Jieitai?), or JSDF,

North Koreas Military Capabilities 2017 – Capacidades Militares da Coreia do Norte – North Korea Military Power 2017\r
The Korean Peoples Army (KPA: 조선인민군) constitutes the military force of North Korea and, under the Songun policy, the central institution of North Korean society. Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Commander of the Korean Peoples Army and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. The KPA defence force consists of five branches: Ground Force, the Navy, the Air Force, the Strategic Rocket Forces, and the Special Operation Force. The Worker-Peasant Red Guards also come under control of the KPA.\r
Korean Peoples Army (Exército Popular Coreano)\r
Korean Peoples Army Ground Force\r
Korean Peoples Navy\r
Korean Peoples Army Air Force\r
Korean Peoples Army Strategic Force\r
North Korean Special Operation Force\r
Worker-Peasant Red Guards\r
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The Egyptian Ministry of Defense said on February 9 it launched a military operation of unprecedented size to “crush terrorism” in the Sinai and secure points of entry into the country.

In this footage, the spokesperson for the Egyptian Army announced a comprehensive confrontation with criminal terrorist organizations in the Sinai and an operation by the coast guard and border forces to secure ports of entry to Egypt.

The footage highlights the Egyptian military’s top-of-the-line weaponry, including French Rafale fighters, US F-16 fighter-bombers, US Apache attack helicopters, a modern EADS transport aircraft, the Casa C-295, and US twin-rotored Chinook helicopters. Additionally, what appear to be dozens of US-made Abrams main battle tanks and the US-made M109 self-propelled howitzer are shown lined up in columns.

The operation comes less than two months before presidential elections in Egypt set for March 26, according to Reuters.

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi is expected to win, as most other potential contenders, such as Ahmed Shafiq and Egyptian Army Colonel Ahmed Konsowa have been pushed from the field.

Konsowa was sentenced by a military tribunal to six years in prison on December 19, after declaring his intention to run as a candidate for president. Members of the armed forces are barred by law from expressing political opinions in Egypt. Konsowa said he had submitted his resignation to the army in 2014 and it was denied.

El-Sisi wrote on his official Facebook page that he was following the military operation to eradicate terrorism from Egypt with pride. Credit: Egyptian Ministry of Defense via Storyful

In the state of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Bajrang Dal has given training to the youth like military. In the South Parganas district, youth were taught to carry arms like sword and rifle. A total of 170 youths participated in this camp, which were trained here under the name of Self Defense Skill. The Bajrang Dal organized this valiant training camp in a school located in Sunderban’s Kotalali block, which ran between December 17 and December 23. Watch this video for more details.

पश्चिम बंगाल की मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी के राज्य में बजरंग दल ने युवाओं को मिलिट्री जैसी ट्रेनिंग दी है। दक्षिणी परगना जिले में युवाओं को तलवार और राइफल जैसे हथियार चलाना सिखाया गया था। इस कैंप में कुल 170 युवाओं ने हिस्सा लिया, जिन्हें यहां सेल्फ डिफेंस स्किल के नाम पर यह ट्रेनिंग दी गई। बजरंग दल ने यह शौर्य प्रशिक्षण शिविर सुंदरबन के कुलताली ब्लॉक स्थित एक स्कूल में आयोजित कराया था, जो 17 दिसंबर से 23 दिसंबर के बीच चला था। पूरी जानकारी के लिए देखें ये वीडियो |

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