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In this free video clip learn how to properly inflict elbow strikes according to Krav Maga teachings for self defense training. Expert: Steve Jimenez Contact: www.fitandfearless.com Bio: Steve Jimenez is the lead instructor of the South Austin location for Krav Maga International. He holds three black belts in three martial arts disciplines. Filmmaker: Murlin Evans

The Sergeant Uri Kava Police Unit of the Israeli border, and student of Lieutenant Colonel Chaim Peer (founder of Kapap) and Avi Nardia (Yamam Special Forces) is currently an instructor of Krav Maga and Kapap Lotar. This video shows techniques disarmament of firearms that are integrated in paragraph CQB (Close Quarter Battle) Kapap system. Techniques disarmament, projection and control in situations more common following the 7 basis points of disarmament: the luck factor, the line of fire, the weapon technology, assessment of the situation, the timing, the environment, and post-conflict , all of which will determine the success of our reaction.

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Krav Maga Melbourne www.idftraining.com.au 1300 858 265 Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat”. It is the official self-defence system of the Israeli Defence Forces’ (IDF). Krav Maga is a reality based self defence used by many elite combat, defence, and law enforcement units all around the world. Krav Maga was created in Bratislava in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld and was then further developed in Israel by the defence forces. Not only has Krav Maga been effectively adapted for law enforcement but also for civilian use. Krav Maga is the ideal self-defence system for use on the street – a place where no rules exist. At IDF Training – Krav Maga Melbourne we take pride in teaching the true and official Krav Maga of the Israeli Defence Forces founded by Imi Lichtenfeld. IDF Training – Krav Maga Melbourne believes that as with any of the traditional martial arts, it is important to properly research the Krav Maga school that you will be training with before you make any decisions. We only teach the techniques developed by the founder of Krav Maga and welcome anyone who is interested in joining to come and observe a Krav Maga Melbourne class. Feel free to contact us at IDF Training – Krav Maga Melbourne with any questions you may have about Krav Maga, self defence or any ideas you have about how our Krav Maga techniques can benefit your martial arts school, company, corporate team building events, or any other enquiries you may have about training or supplying martial arts

The Krav Maga technique to escape a choke from the front involves lifting the hands, striking and stepping back. Escape an attacker’s choke from the front with help from a martial arts specialist in this free video on Krav Maga.

To break free from a side headlock with Krav Maga, learn some basic techniques to make your attacker release the hold. Escape a side headlock with help from a martial arts specialist in this free video on Krav Maga.

Combative techniques in Krav Maga are simple and basic whether you have a weapon in your hand or not. Learn three combative techniques with a stick, knife and gun with help from a martial arts specialist in this free video on Krav Maga.

When performing Krav Maga foot kicks, it is important to bring the knee up to the chest and push straight forward. Learn three foot kicks with help from a martial arts specialist in this free video on Krav Maga.

Krav Maga straight punches are the hardest to block and easy to perform. Learn more about Krav Maga straight punches with help from a martial arts specialist in this free video on Krav Maga.