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Compilation of Goshin Jujitsu self-defense techniques (from punches, grabs, chokes, etc.) (hillcrestjujitsu.com)

www.clubs.psu.edu/quantumjujitsu Mon, Wed 8:30pm-10:30pm IM Building Wrestling Room Fri 5:00-7:00pm 106 White Building

To buy DVD’s go to www.quantumjujitsu.com This is a DEMO ladies and gentlemen, it is for entertainment. Enjoy. Quantum Jujitsu is a MMA style that involves sport, street and art. If you would like to lean more, go to www.quantumjujitsu.com

This video is my attempt to explain jujitsu to an adult who may be thinking about taking a beginning jujitsu class, but is not sure what it involves. I try to very briefly answer the questions: “What is jujitsu?” and “What is Small Circle jujitsu?” by explaining my own experience and using clips from training at my school. If you’re curious about the children’s class, see my other video. As I say in the video, no disrespect of anyone else’s art is intended. No art is right for everyone, and every art is right for someone. Find an art that works for you. This video should help you decide if jujitsu is your art. I’m told that Small Circle Jujitsu is a registered trademark. Check out their website for details.

Here is an excellent demonstration of Koryu (traditional) Japanese jujutsu. No, this isn’t the MMA stuff that most people think about when they hear jujutsu or jujitsu or juijitsu (all pronounced the same). But remember this is the gradfather art of the MMA

Kuroda Sensei demonstrating