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Wing chun vs Pencak Silat. Silat in pants, wing chun in shorts.\r
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apprendre l’art martial ju-jitsu sur http://www.imineo.com/sports-jeux/arts-martiaux/jiu-jitsu/fighting-methode-pedagogique-ju-jitsu-fighting-video-843.htm

Le Ju-Jitsu Fighting System est la partie combative du Ju-Jitsu.

Bertrand Amoussou, champion d’Europe, 3 fois champion du monde et vainqueur des jeux mondiaux, vous détaille dans cette vidéo toute une panoplie de techniques pour faire de vous un grand champion. Grâce à la seconde partie de cette vidéo, vous perfectionnerez votre style. En effet, Bertrand vous propose un travail approfondi sur les coups et enchaînements défensifs et offensifs, sur la coordination des mouvements, mais aussi sur la liaison Debout / Sol et le contrôle de la situation face à tous les types de réactions. Toutes ces techniques vous sont présentées plusieurs fois et sous une multitude d’angles afin qu’aucun détail ne vous échappe.

Mix Martial Arts Fight Style For Self Defense – Workout Swag

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Boruto vs Iwabe-Taijutsu Fight

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – World Tour Showdown in New York (Full Press Conference)

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Might Guy 8 Gates vs Madara Uchiha Sage Six Paths Full Fight (English Sub)-Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. This Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Boss Battle showcase,Ten- Tail Juubi Jinchuuriki Madara vs Guy unlocking Eight Gates Released Formation.Evening Elephant Ultimate Jutsu.All Cutscenes,Awakening and Ultimate Jutsus gameplay.. Subscribe for more Naruto Storm 4 videos!! \r
NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝ナルティメットストーム 4 for PS4, Xbox One and PC \r
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Guy finally activates the eighth gate. Encloaked in red vapor, Guy advances to Sage of Six Paths Madara to unleash the Evening Elephant.Guy begins his assault on Madara, using the Evening Elephant to attack, however the pain of using the Eight Gates Released Formation causes him to prematurely end the attack. Madara returns to the sky, excited over the opportunity to face a user of all Eight Gates. \r
Having survived and being impressed by Guys Evening Elephant, Madara asks Guy to keep on fighting him, deeming him the strongest taijutsu user he has ever faced. Guy prepares to use his last technique while Naruto and Sasuke awaken. As Guy prepares the Night Guy. Guys powerful kick lands on Madara, through the Shinju, almost killing him. Guys body begins to disintegrate and an elated Madara, regenerating from the attack, attempts to finish him with a Truth-Seeking Ball only for Naruto to kick it away, much to his surprise. Naruto touches Guy, stopping his life force from fading. Madara notices a change in Naruto, wondering what Obito did. Naruto declares he feels he can change the world with his new powers.