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Self defense is an interesting defense, particularly in Massachusetts. The bottom line of self defense is that you are only justified in defending yourself with the same type of force of that which is being used against you. So, if someone comes at me with a stick, and they’re going to hit me, if I pick up my AK-47 and blow them away, self defense is not going to work so well. Im Sam Goldberg, lead counsel for criminal defense matters, at Altman and Altman in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have twenty-five years of experience. If youre in trouble and you need someone in your corner, who cares, and will fight for you, give me a call.

This video teaches women to defend themselves using aikido, a martial arts technique that uses the momentum of the attacker for mounting a defence. It is a blend of martial arts, religion and philosophy.

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CloseQuartersCombat.com – Self defense techniques against multiple attackers in a real street fight must account for scenarios where you’re fighting and pinned against a wall. This is not martial arts – street fighting means survival. How To Defend Against Multiple Attackers When Pinned Against A Wall One of the absolute worst-case scenarios in a street fight self defense scenario is to find yourself facing multiple attackers while you’re pinned against a wall. Cornered like this, most people would simply cover up and pray for mercy in the hopes of not getting beaten to death. I mean, what self defense techniques could you possibly pull out to escape such a hopeless situation in a real fight, right? Well fortunately, defending against multiple attackers who’ve pinned you isn’t as hopeless a scenario as you might think. Street Fight Physics How To Defend Against Multiple Attackers When Pinned Against A Wall Ok, you’re jacked up against a wall by several attackers with nowhere to go. No matter how much you can bench press, the force of the other fighters is too much for you to push against in order to escape. But while your brain is thinking “push”, simple street fight physics dictates that the path of least resistance is your best technique for self defense. You see, while you may not be able to push multiple attackers forward, your body does have mobility from side to side. In fact, the more your attackers push forward, the more lateral movement you have as their force

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