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Women self defense in 1947. Producer and director, William Forest Crouch. JUDO JYMNASTICS. Soundies Films, Inc., b&w, 16mm. A Filmcraft production. Rare and very interesting film

Click here www.selfdefenseiskravmaga.com?youtube2 “Krav Maga In No Time is a home study video course enabling you to practice Krav Maga as frequently as you’d like, while allowing you to refer to the correct moves to compare and correct yourself. Introducing the unique feature that enables you to film yourself practicing the techniques taught in the course and send the movies directly to the creator of the course for review of your techniques as well as his personal feedback written to you. “Krav Maga Is The Best Self-Defense Method In Use By The CIA, FBI And The Israeli Army Due To Its Ability To End A Fight In Seconds.” 2003 demonstration video for the the Israeli Full Contact Krav Maga fighting method. Click here to visit the krav maga online course at http

Learn how to escape from a front choke with kung fu self-defense techniques in this free self defense video. Expert: Sifu Dan Schmidt Contact: www.kungfutoday.com Bio: Sifu Dan Schmidt is a national Kung Fu champion whos been training since childhood under Master Nick Screema, master instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts Centers in Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Apprendre le self defense pour contrer un couteau sur www.imineo.com Découvrez des techniques supérieures contre des menaces et des attaques multiples, debout et au sol. L’entraînement à la défense contre les agressions au couteau est l’un des plus durs et des plus complexes. Dans ce deuxième volume, Eric LAULAGNET vous présente de nouveaux éducatifs dynamiques qui vous aideront à développer vos réflexes et acquérir un bon timing. Vous retrouverez également des mises en situations de self-défense. Les techniques présentées ici sont issues du redoutable art guerrier des Philippines le KALI, et du JEET KUNE DO de Bruce Lee. Eric LAULAGNET, instructeur de KALI et JEET KUNE DO, Ceinture Noire 4ème Dan FFDA, pratique les arts martiaux depuis plus de 30ans. Ses recherches dans les arts de combats du Sud-Est Asiatique l’ont amené à développer un système de self-défense réaliste et efficace.

You might not like it, but you need to see it anyway…

Dorky self defense teachers teaches dorky self defence for dorks. Quite possibly the lamest self defense techniques ever taught.

Gracies show a quick overview of some self defense moves

www.bojuka.ca Self defense against an assailant armed with a hand gun. Learn how to grab the a hand gun away and escape. Turn the gun on your attacker. http www.bojuka.com

Brought to you by OPSGEAR® a NEW Self Defense Series on DVD. The first two will be Principles and Techniques followed up by Knifes and Clubs and then Handguns and Rifle unarmed defense. Visit us at www.freetacticaltips.com or at http for all of your gear needs. This series is taught by Martial Arts and Military Veteran David Burnell the founder of OPSGEAR®, the Elite Urban Warfare Center® www.urbanwarfarecenter.com and www.freetacticaltips.com