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Subrayado – CCDP – Defensa Personal para Mujeres – Self Defense – Curso SAFE (SOG – Close Combat)

National Defense University 2010 Combat Jujutsu Class Demo

Government and ruling party sources say, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plans to expand Japan’s non-combat role in armed conflicts beyond their borders could see Tokyo becoming dragged into action in the South China Sea supporting U.S. forces.
Abe will send legislation to parliament next month – with the backing of his coalition partners – allowing Japan to support American units logistically anywhere, if their national security is threatened.

Umar exhibiting his ability to use his skill in variety of combat science.

Krav Maga and firearms are brought together in one of the most physically and mentally demanding black belt tests we have ever seen. Combining science and psychology, Ryan Hoover from Fit…

WMTW News 8′s Tracy Sabol tries out krav maga, a form of combat fighting used by Israeli Defense Forces as part of her series on different types of workouts. Tony Fournier of Fournier’s Leadership Karate Centers explains how krav maga provides a cardiovascular workout and flexibility.

Apparently, this morning DPR recon teams have taken a village on the last road linking Debaltsevo battlegroup with Artemovsk supply base. Due to typical UAF confusion, several vehicles with…

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