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Durante el año 2017 tuvimos la oportunidad de visitar el centro León Recanati Petah Tikva, en Israel, donde combinan una residencia de ancianos con un centro cultural para preservar la memoria histórica y el casi extinto idioma ladino.
También aprendimos a pelear Krav Maga, el efectivo método de combate desarrollado por el Ejército israelí y patinamos con un grupo de jóvenes que rompen paradigmas en las calles de Tel Aviv al patinar sobre sus longboards.

Naruto Shippuden Live Stream 24/7 – Naruto Shippuden Full Episodes Live #2017
See more live stream: https://goo.gl/VfBHN8
Naruto Shippuden: 402 (English Dubbed) “Escape vs. Pursuit
Naruto Shippuden: 401 (English Dubbed) The Ultimate
Naruto Shippuden: 400 (English Dubbed) As a Taijutsu User
Naruto Shippuden: 399 (English Dubbed) Demon Desert Survival
Naruto Shippuden: 398 (English Dubbed) The Night Before the Second Exam
Naruto Shippuden: 397 (English Dubbed) One Worthy As A Leader
Naruto Shippuden: 396 (English Dubbed) The Three Questions
Naruto Shippuden: 395 (English Dubbed) The Chunin Exams Begin
Naruto Shippuden: 394 (English Dubbed) The New Chunin Exams
Naruto Shippuden: 393 (English Dubbed) A True Ending
Naruto Shippuden: 392 (English Dubbed) The Hidden Heart
Naruto Shippuden: 391 (English Dubbed) Madara Uchiha Arises
Naruto Shippuden: 390 (English Dubbed) Hanabi’s Decision
Naruto Shippuden: 389 (English Dubbed) The Adored Elder Sister
Naruto Shippuden: 388 (English Dubbed) My First Friend

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Création d’un cours de jujitsu au judo club de Vélizy-Villacoublay en septembre 2017.

The Undertaker Returns to Raw (March 6, 2017) – WWE Wrestling. Thanks for watching.

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This week on People are Awesome we have a compilation of the best Martial Arts videos that have been submitted recently! If you are a fan of martial arts movies that feature taekwondo, karate, kickboxing, kung fu or any other martial arts we hope you will enjoy these epic kicks, punches, nunchuck and bo staff skills and training routines!

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Oliver Chang & Evan James – Beacon ft. Remmi

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This week’s People are Awesome 2017 Top Five compilation features gymnastics, martial arts, seated wakeboarding, river surfing, and a mom killing it at basketball.

Best of the Week:

Random Mystery Video:

Title: Melano – Traveller
iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/traveller-single/id1092417802
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Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpQeKHrZGWU


Jumping Through Hoops

Martial Arts Training

Seated Wakeboarding

Basketball Shots

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Japan Self Defense Forces (1954) US Army; Cold War Japanese Military; The Big Picture TV-319,Hd Tv SERİES 2017