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The best wing chun fights with other martial arts styles.


Red23 says:

what we need here is more dramatic music.

Bene Bene says:

Whats the sound track?

Marc Vince says:

I have studied Wing Chun more than any other art. But I have to admit, the
truth is the truth. Very few WC people can use the art as it was intended.
And that’s to either end the fight with one blow or a series of quick chain
punches or #2, by never losing stickiness(contact) with your opponent until
he drops to the ground unconscious. Ever notice why there is little or no
ground fighting taught in Wing Chun? The great masters like Yip Man could
never be taken to the ground! Period. If you study WC and you wind up in a
clinch or on the ground….you messed up…..even if you win. And while WC
has many incredible teachings about body mechanics, I admit I will take a
good boxer who is used to getting hit from all angles over 99% of WC
people. If you want to be sure you will not lose a fight on the street…WC
is not the way to go.

Christopher Deleon says:

Good self defense

ostingize says:

I’m wasting my 49:11 minuets watching this weak chun fight .

Ninja_Prime says:

Wing Chun like most martial arts is a form of self-defence, I have found in
all the years I’ve practiced martial arts, there is no style that is
superior to another style, it boils down to the individual at the end of
the day. Most fights, no matter what style the combatants have practiced or
use end up into a scrap, even those people who are gifted and talented.
To me the whole idea about martial arts is self-defence and to use what
ever works to get you out of the situation. The combat aspect of martial
arts should only be used as a last resort as it will have consequences to
both parties involved.
I have seen fights where, a certain individual looks the part and has
trained, and he gets knocked out because of a lucky punch or a kick.
There is no guarantee that all the training and years of experience you may
think you have will actually work in a real fight situation.
A lot of people get hung up about styles, it has nothing to do with
that, it has everything to do with the individual and their mental
attitude, and also luck! 

Hermano Santos says:

I don’t see any wing chun here… :/

Randleman says:

Wing Chun is pseudo-science and doesn’t work in MMA

mightymeatmonsta says:

You think you can stop me from posting, ratchadapalazzo, you ignorant
duchebag? So you think a proper conversation is bashing wing chun? You are
a stupid asshole who doesn’t know anything.

fooza says:

I wonder how someone could deduce that I’m a keyboard warrior from my
comment? I merely pointed out that the videos are boring as SHIT and the
fact that that wing chun “master” is a fat ass. That’s why the
significantly smaller guy’s kicks were ineffective. Of course he’s gonna
take the inside. It’s like a twig tapping the side of a whale. Apparently
you have to move up a weight class with each dan. Stop crying for him.
Lame-o. I’m sure he would make a great Santa Claus or something. 

TurboIntivic says:

LOL. I practice martial arts and love wing chun but that fat wing chun
so-called master just uses his weight to juggernaut people over. technique
is not too great.

Mine Channel says:

Lol did you see that fat guy beating up on his students

Joseph Kennedy says:

One of the only good fight’s i see hear is by shawn ronin obasi & the only
thing giving him the edge is his smarts and basic sense to adapting his
wing chun with mma in a way that works. Seriously wing chun is not
entirally a bad system it is just incomplete in many aspects. Even bruce
lee realized this and created his own method of what he felt to be the best
methods in the martial arts jeet kune do with no set forms are rules
a mere philosophy reflective of years of study.

prayforfire says:

I do like Wing Chun, and I feel like it’s suited for me, but I know that
true skill in fighting boils down to how disciplined one is. There are many
great styles, and many great applications, but without practice you can get
beat by any style.

BlueFang714 says:

If rules can’t reduce skill, I’d love to tell a BJJ guy he can’t grapple,
or grab, or do takedowns.

People lose tournaments because they lightly grab someones hand and it
apparently isn’t acceptable. A lot of styles rely on grabs or joint

I think rules can play a big part in how effective a style is. For example.
Muay Thai vs boxing, chances are muay thai wins. Tell the Muay Thai guy no
kicks allowed, he’ll probably get his ass kicked.

adigolok says:

wing chun = 2 gay man slapping each other

mrshitcan1 says:

Wing Chun is a great style created for the sole purpose of defeating the
martial arts styles its time. Its not surprising to see people win a fight
or lose a fight while practicing Wing Chun / Wing Tsun. As was stated
earlier the art is only limited by the work ethic of the practitioner. If
you truly understand the technique you will be very effective. If you try
to make it up as you go along you will be beaten. Wing Chun is not easy to
learn because the ideas are hard for many people to understand. Therefore
many people learn Wing Chun but can not use the techniques in a real fight.
Also a person can practice Wing Chun for Many years and still not truly
understand basics just as someone can practice for a few months and grasp
the basics right away again.. id depends on the practitioner and also the

I will say this. If you have to use power or try to hit hard .. you don’t
understand Wing Chun punching. . If are only standing in front of your
opponent.. you don’t understand the center line theory. . if you only chain
punch then you don’t understand tan sau, bong sau, or fuuk sau.

And if you can’t use any block outside of larp sau and pak sau in a real
fight you should train harder.. and not be fighting just yet. 

crazlEgamer02 says:

Wing Chun is by far the worst “Martial Art” I have ever seen.

christopher tulloch says:

The only half way decent “fight” is between the Wing Chun and the karate
guy!And thats only because they take it down to the ground without it being
broken up.
The rest are pretty rubbish.
At the end of the day its the fighter that win fights not any so called
styles. Mostly what i see are people caught up in ideas of forms and
staying true to styles Even if you were a boxer never mind a person that
does wing chun you wouldn’t only throw the combinations your trainer taught
you you would mix up you techniques move around look for openings this
stand there in basic stance shit is a joke.
Most of these guys are limiting themselves to set striking areas and a
fixed concept of a fight stance which is dumb. No attempts to mirror the
opponent’s stance, using the same predictable attacks over and over again.
I don’t believe a real trained fighter of any style what so ever would
fight like this in the real world.

nassim lolbasd says:

Please guys search Master Wong he s showing you real wing chun 

berz Au says:

man just total crap…yeah well maybe wc can beat up street punks, humanity
can agree to that. But to ‘REALITY’ fighters, damn why can’t they just
accept the fact.

Stephon R says:

People watch “Ip Man” a couple times and then people begin to believe it
actually works. If it really was THE best style for self defense then
everyone including our military would be learning it. Chinese military
don’t even practice it…now what the hell does that tell you.

Joel Van Norman says:

I am dissapointed to see all of these arguments. There are many martial
arts, you should not denounce or talk bad about either because you feel
that one may be better. Honestly martial arts goes beyond fighting its
taught for discipline and philosophy. Martial Artists respect other
styles, everything has become a competition and its shameful to all of the
styles. If you choose a style because you feel like you can beat everybody
up, then you shouldnt fight at all…. Strengthen your mind and spirit, as
you would your body.

ratchadapalazzo says:

at 4.00, this one has been going around the internet. say nothing at all.
an incredibly fat guy just using his weight and not his skill. the other
karate guy was bad too from a karate point of view. poor kicking, poor
balance, poor posture. in the end it says nothing

Alec Garcia says:

Keysi fighting method will kill this shit. Ive studied wing chun and its
weak but has some useful concepts. Overall, this is used for seminars and

trbltroi says:

There is no such thing as a “street fighting art.” punching and kicking has
been around for thousands of years. The combination of such is what create
an art or style. Also the art or style does not make a good fighter. A
practitioner could practice 1 technique and become so efficient at it that
he would defeat most people. Its about the training, mental and physical.
Wing Chun is an interesting style but every style can be beaten. 

blackdragonx715 says:

Wing chun is like a tree though stationary people forget the numerous
branches. Once you understand that you can truly understand it. Took me 4
years to realize what my teacher meant. 

mightymeatmonsta says:

The first wing chun fighter was good, the second one, not so much. His
stance was not square to his opponent, taking away his advantage of
having 2 hands to the opponents’ one hand. His stance was also

jjjmtucker says:

There are so many different fighting styles that have come along over the
centuries, that to call one style the best, the most complete could be
construed as a bit delusional. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful manner,
although I’m sure that some will take it that way, but that’s on them.
Combat has been a part of life from the beginning. You had to fight for
food, for mating rights, for territory, for life. you can fight hand to
hand or you can use a weapon, whatever is closest. You have your fighting
ranges; long range, mid range or close quarter. Then there’s standup and
ground fighting, striking and grappling. Everyone has their opinion on what
constitutes calling one style the “best”. In my humble opinion, the best
style is derived from many styles. The assembly of techniques from
different systems and their integration into a progressing art that
provides an option or response to whatever situation that you find yourself
in. If you only train to standup and strike, then what will you do off of
your back. I you only train on the ground, what do you do on your feet.
Most fights tend to start there. If you limit yourself to one perspective
then you’re missing the whole point. All Martial Arts are mixed in some way
or another, because the truly great masters didn’t close their minds to
other ideas. Lets say they see a defense against a straight punch from
another style that they liked better that the one that they employ. They
didn’t let their ego prevent them from adapting their style to use that
technique. To endure, you must progress. My brother was a Navy Seal for 10
years and they trained for combat. not tournaments. They trained to
survive, not to prove whose style was better. At the end of the day, the
question is, can you fight? What ever the attack is? Whether it’s empty
hand or if weapons are involved, do you have a response for the worst
possible scenario? Only you can answer that question for yourself, as long
as you are willing to listen and not ridicule others for asking you said
question. A closed mind is the most expensive thing that you will ever own.
It can cost you so much, including your life. Relax, open your mind.
Explore all options. Always try to learn something from someone, even if
they are less skilled than you. Some of the best techniques are discovered
by accident and yo don’t need a black belt to have an “Accident”. Happy
Thanksgiving to all. Be safe out there and watch out for those punks
playing that knockout game.

fiskanirmalan says:

Wing chun one of best art wich answr fake flying kungfu blevrs but boranmuy
thay or silat or yaw yan ot kali much dedlys way,,,,chuafa wing chun

fooza says:


slickl07 says:

Martial arts isn’t as graceful as I once thought.

A Atreides says:

lol all I got from this video is that wing chun is a bunch of nonsense and
wouldn’t hold up against a fighter trained in mma. 

Harris Tablizo says:

Everyone in those clips can’t fight properly!! Wing chun is the biggest
load of horse shit!!! 

Jaime Chavez says:

Kung fu san soo vs wing chun ?

Samson Sparks says:

Sure “I will keep your PLANETARY MASS at bay with my kick”

Brandon Cavewynter says:

3:48 Bob from Tekken…

Ma bans says:

Wing Chun? Looks like fucking Sumo to me 3:50.. so graceful..

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