Mossad in iraq

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What is israel goal’s in iraq??

Iraq contains 30% of the world’s oil supply, and Israel, and World Jewry, want it. Israel needs to eliminate all of Iraq’s intelligentsia, as they did in Russia in 1917.

They start by fomenting the Iran-Iraq war, the 1991 Desert Storm, the 2003 invasion, and finally a civil war where Sunni and Shiites kill off their leaders. Israel now installs their puppet leaders, and the US builds and protects the pipelines that go from Mosul to Haifa.
“A number of Israeli companies have won contracts with the Kurdish government in northern Iraq to train and equip Kurdish security forces and build an international airport, Yedioth Ahronoth reports; al-Qaeda warning of attack prompts hasty exit of all Israeli instructors from region Anat Tal-Shir.
Dozens of Israelis with a background in elite military combat training have been working for private Israeli companies in northern Iraq where they helped the Kurds establish elite anti-terror units, Israel’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronot revealed Thursday.
According to the report, the Kurdish government contracted Israeli security and communications companies to train Kurdish security forces and provide them with advanced equipment.
But that’s not all. Leading Israeli companies in the field of security and counter-terrorism have set up a training camp under the codename Z at a secret location in a deserted region in northern Iraq, where Israeli experts provide training in live fire exercises and self-defense to Kurdish security forces.