Japan’s ruling LDP to push ahead with Abe’s proposal to amend pacifist Constitution

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Now for a look at stories making headlines around the world and we start in Japan.
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party has decided to go ahead with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s proposal to amend the country’s pacifist Constitution.
Abe has long wanted to change Article 9 to add an explicit reference to Japan’s Self Defense Forces.
LDP lawmakers have been discussing the issue for months, with some suggesting Article 9 should also have a paragraph banning a Japanese military with “war potential” be removed.
Others are opposed to that idea as it could bring public backlash, and raise concerns that Japan is moving away from its pacifist postwar stance.
After a meeting on the issue on Thursday, the LDP agreed to create a new “Article 9-2″ section that states the SDF shall be maintained “as an armed organization” for Japan to take “necessary self-defense measures.”
A two-thirds majority in both chambers of the parliament, followed by majority support in a national referendum is needed to amend the Constitution.