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The highest assisted martial arts kick is 4.25 metres (13 ft 11 in) and was achieved by Brett Sawley (UK) on the set of Guinness World Records Smashed at Pinewood Studios, UK, on 7 April 2009. This record can be attempted with up to two assistants. In the above case Brett was held and then thrown by his two assistants to reach the target.

During the show, Brett and his two assistants requested a fourth attempt. Adjudicator Marco Frigatti allowed this as the height had been raised, effectively resetting the attempts.

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Le Krav-Maga est un mélange de Self-Défense, Sport de Combat, art marital et entrainement physique. C’est par cette discipline que s’entraine le GIGN. Ici à Schiltigheim, un club est ouvert depuis août 2009. (Droits réservés. Pour toute exploitation commerciale, veuillez nous contacter )

Krav Maga: How to Defend Yourself Against Armed Assault by Imi Sde-Or (Litchenfeld)

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Now for a look at stories making headlines around the world….
Israeli forces have killed dozens of Palestinians protesting at the Gaza border against the opening of the new U.S. embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.
For more on this and other international news we turn to our Ro Aram…
Aram… what’s the latest?

Well Mark… Palestinian health officials say 58 people were killed Monday and just under three thousand others are said to have been injured.
The assault came as a U.S. delegation, including President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law, was attending a ceremony to officially open the new U.S. embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.
The move, announced by Trump last year after recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, has infuriated Palestinians, who see East Jerusalem as their capital of a future state.
It also drew global criticism for jeopardizing a possible peace deal between the two regional rivals.
Palestinians, led by Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas, have been protesting along the Gaza border for weeks in what has been dubbed as the “Great March of Return.”
These demonstrations have resulted in casualties, but Monday’s incident was the deadliest clash since the 2014 Gaza war.
The Palestinian envoy to the United Nations condemned the Israeli assault and demanded UN action on the conflict in the West Bank.

“…….These war crimes need to be dealt with by the Security Council and the international appropriate legal system to bring those criminals to justice because the Palestinian people should not be the exception to the rule.”

Other nations, including Britain and France, have called for restraint from the Israelis, while Turkey called it a “massacre.”
However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted that his military’s actions were an act of self-defense of his country’s borders.’
Israel’s military claims it was responding to protestors throwing Molotov cocktails, burned tires, and stones at Israeli soldiers.
The White House also backed his claims by blaming Hamas for the bloodshed.

“…….The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas. Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response. And as the Secretary of State said, Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Amazing Martial Arts Near Me.

Should see this Video clip:

In the complying with video Amazing Martial Arts Near Me, Spinning Competition Technique by Specialist Martial Arts Defense Manufacturer. Buki Yuushuu is happy to provide this Astronamy method training.

In this YouTube video, John Bitting “JB” from Team Buki Yuushuu demonstrates how to do the Bo Personnel Astronamy Technique. Practice this and also utilize it in your next event kind.

Martial Arts

Разбор ситуаций заложник с угрозой пистолетом от инструктора крав-мага Александра Карасева.\r
Александр Карасев – обладатель нескольких черных поясов в традиционных единоборствах, ведущий инструктор крав-мага (Expert Level), обладающий компетенциями инструктора: для полиции и сотрудников правоохранительных структур; военнослужащих; телохранителей; специальных подразделений антитеррора; по самозащите для гражданских лиц; детей и подростков.\r
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