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on y voit laurent!!!

Un second extrait de la prestation du club d’Aiki jujutsu du club de Frethun lors de la nuit des samouraïs

Friday Night SmackDown Daniel Bryan and Sheamus compete in a rematch from WrestleMania.

UFC President Dana White swings by and announces the UFC has officially signed a multi-year, multi-platform exclusive partnership with EA Sports at the EA Press Conference at E3 2012

Emmy® Award-winning SHOWTIME Sports® will produce a new edition of the new documentary series ALL ACCESS with an all-encompassing look at women’s mixed martial arts (MMA) sensation Ronda Rousey.

To our future students of Self Defense America, This is not the teaching method use in the course. It is NOT all about beating you up but teaching YOU the techniques and how to properly use them. The following is Michael M. Foley demonstrating the techniques in the NEW Self Defense America course if you were to use them at combat speed. Many Thanks to Virgil Andrianu; for allowing Master Instructor Foley to smack him around all afternoon. Cheers mate.

- Keiko (entrainement) en 1997 au Dojo du gymnase St Pierre à Marignane – Recherche personnelle du geste juste d’ après les techniques apprises auprès de Mochizuki Hiroo sensei – Ne chercher pas la perfection ! on la recherche, mais on ne l’ obtiens jamais -

This is the traditional JuJutsu, the art of the Sanurai.

Hanshi Leon Major and Hanshi Kevin Pereira apply basic Kenpo in combination with standard jujutsu techniques.