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To buy DVD’s go to This is a DEMO ladies and gentlemen, it is for entertainment. Enjoy. Quantum Jujitsu is a MMA style that involves sport, street and art. If you would like to lean more, go to

This video is my attempt to explain jujitsu to an adult who may be thinking about taking a beginning jujitsu class, but is not sure what it involves. I try to very briefly answer the questions: “What is jujitsu?” and “What is Small Circle jujitsu?” by explaining my own experience and using clips from training at my school. If you’re curious about the children’s class, see my other video. As I say in the video, no disrespect of anyone else’s art is intended. No art is right for everyone, and every art is right for someone. Find an art that works for you. This video should help you decide if jujitsu is your art. I’m told that Small Circle Jujitsu is a registered trademark. Check out their website for details.

Quelques techniques enchainées en projections ou percussions aprés avoir défait le kumi kata du partenaire. Voiçi donc quelques combinaisons utilisables en jujutsu version fighting systême.

More than 3,500 senior citizens are studying cane fu, where canes are used as weapons for self-defense. Michelle Miller comments.

Ichimonji no Kamae Hicho no Kamae Jumonji no Kamae

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu consists of nine traditional Japanese martial art styles. Practiced by both samurai and ninja alike,these arts were passed down through the generations to current Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. Jeff Christian, head instructor of Muzosa Bujinkan in New York, demonstrates the varied forms of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, using hand to hand and traditional weapons as well as some ninja techniques adapted for modern street self defense.

Heidi Klum’s Kids At A Self-Defense Class In Los Angeles , California. U.S.A. 07 28 09 — Follow us on Twitter at’s Julian McCullough attempts to find an affordable way to defend himself in the big city.

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Self defense is an interesting defense, particularly in Massachusetts. The bottom line of self defense is that you are only justified in defending yourself with the same type of force of that which is being used against you. So, if someone comes at me with a stick, and they’re going to hit me, if I pick up my AK-47 and blow them away, self defense is not going to work so well. Im Sam Goldberg, lead counsel for criminal defense matters, at Altman and Altman in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have twenty-five years of experience. If youre in trouble and you need someone in your corner, who cares, and will fight for you, give me a call.

Krav Maga Federation (KMF), lead by the highest non-self ranking practioner in the world – Grandmaster Haim Zut (Dan 10) and the highest non-self ranking practioner in the USA, Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi (Dan 5), put on a demonstration for Good Morning America Now. For more information visit