Recently Added Videos

Here’s a great series of clips of FMA in the movies including the Bourne Identity, several Bruce Lee films, Mission Impossible, etc. It finishes up with a documentary on FMA from the BBC. Good stuff.

We just love watching this guy and his art is no joke.

A video demonstration of two defenses. One against a front naked choke, the second against a rear naked choke.

We’re not really sure about the rear naked choke defense here as there’s no guarantee that the choker will release his hold. Also the defender isn’t protecting her airway well.

A classic skit about self defense (in the UK it’s self-defence) against a lunatic with a banana.

Here’s Roy Elghanayan from Kvav Maga LA in a series of demos of Krav Maga and Israeli Ju-jitsu (as he calls it)

This is a fun demo, even though some of the segments are a bit “hollywood”. We like it and Elghanayan looks like an accomplished professional.

Here is an excellent demonstration of Koryu (traditional) Japanese jujutsu. No, this isn’t the MMA stuff that most people think about when they hear jujutsu or jujitsu or juijitsu (all pronounced the same). But remember this is the gradfather art of the MMA

Kuroda Sensei demonstrating