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Dan Inosanto The Serak Silat series (Blitzing sticks) Dan Inosanto doing (Pentjak) Silat with Ron Balicki visit our site for more information. A successful 2 days seminar in IJjsselstein, Holland on the 31st March & 1st April 2012. It was organized by Badradin Oulali. APPRECIATION 1st and formost to Badradin Oulali (Dutch Training Group Leader) for organizing the event. To Marcel Hosrtman, Grant Martin Scruggs, Mounir Ahmed, Badradin Oulali, Ivo van Adrighem, Radley Remirez and Jan Van Den Borne for their patience in assisting me in my demonstration. To Rob van der Sluys for the camera work. Thank you to the Dutch Training Group for their constant support, effort, hard work, dedication and friendship. Thank you everyone who came and travel from throughout Europe. My apologies if I miss anyone. This seminar like my other events aims primarily to raise the curiosity and awareness among people from different nationalities about the martial heritage and culture of Brunei Darussalam in general. DISCLAIMER The video featured may cause serious harm or death if used irresponsibly. This video does not constitute as a self defense instruction or advise. This video is for cultural information and entertainment purposes only. I do not encourage you to harm another living creature or do anything violent. You must consider the legal implications of everything you do, exercising your judgement and common sense as an adult. You must follow the law or pay the consequences. Whatever you do, you do out of your own intentions. The Video is for entertainment purposes only and

Fight Masters featuring Silat.

RZA’s directorial debut is a martial arts epic set in 19th century China and co-starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: TAGS: Trailer, Russell Crowe, Byron Mann, Cung Le, Lucy Liu, movies, Dave Bautista, Eli Roth, Jamie Chung, Daniel Wu, Rick Yune, Quentin Tarantino, The Man With the Iron Fists, Pam Grier, adventure, martial arts, action, The Man with the Iron Fists, RZA, IGN, ignentertainment, “video games”, games, gaming

THE 2nd ANNUAL BEIJING INTERNATIONAL MARTIAL ARTS CAMP: “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!“ Dear Martial Arts Enthusiasts, We, Mike Martello, Zhang Xinbin and Rene MF Ho, are proud to present… GRANDMASTER WANG WENYONG / KING OF SHUAIJIAO Grandmaster Wang is a living legend in the World of Chinese Martial Arts, and one of the greatest exponents of Chinese wrestling of the last 100 years. The following video is a compilation of footage provided by Grandmaster Wang Wenyong and used with his permission. It depicts the various Shuaijiao training equipment used in traditional Chinese wrestling. The equipment as shown in the video will be part of the Shuaijiao program of our training camp. To pave the way to the Olympics, in July 2008 we will engage in four weeks of intense training (8 hours a day), which includes: – more Shuaijiao – more Specialized Training – more Traditional Training Equipment The dates for this year`s camp are: Trip A (4 week program) : 1st July – 28th July 2008 Trip B (2 week program) : 15th July – 28th July 2008 Information concerning prices, training schedule, sightseeing program and more can be found at For enquiry please contact us at Don`t miss this great training opportunity, KEEP your schedule open for JULY 2008, and JOIN US for better training, more sightseeing and great food! “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!“ Best regards, Mike Martello Zhang Xinbin Rene Ming Fai Ho

Master Wong pay tribute to The Shaolin Buddhist nun Wu Mei (Ng Mui) for creating Wing Chun. Feel free to pay your tribute here! Master Wong’s Students ask popular questions about Wing chun that has been on the tip of the publics tongue. If you want a question answered send us an e-mail. Visit:

Let the battles begin, do you want a part 2 of this video, let me know! Facebook:

Second Channel: Facebook: Shirt Store: Make sure you look at your surrounds when someone approaches you. Look at feet and hand placement of your opponent. Dont alarm your attacker by making sudden quick moves unless its in the act of disarming them at that moment. Letting your attacker know you are ready to fight them, takes away the element of surprise. The element of surprise is a huge factor when it comes to someone wanting something from you. They assume you are going to comply since they have the upper hand (weapon) but a trained martial arts is the true weapon to situations like these. Use whatever it is they want as a way of misdirection away from your leading hand. Throw the object to there face if possible, to give you a split second of a upper hand. Redirect the weapon as far away from your body and others as much as possible. Control the wrist of the attacker of which the weapon is being held. You can follow up with certain arm breaks or attacks of your own. If you know your attacker and they are going to kill you then its time to wrap your shirt around your hand and use it lessen the chances of you getting cut. Since you both know you are going to fight its ok to let the attacker know, you are not going down without a fight. In real life situation dont tip off your attacker with retaliation as this will only give you higher chances of being injured. You have to practice for many years to perfect the art, so