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Final European Championship 2007 JuJitsu Fighting System -69

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These are my newest movesets, I wish more could’ve been done to the Edo Mizukage but I couldn’t trigger his Ougi or get him to start a different combo. Madar… BEST BJJ NEWS FOR DC/VA/MD AREAS! Watch the first US Grappling/Converse Girls in Sports womens submission wrestling tournament. Teams from Fifty/50, Team Yamasaki, Team Lloyd Irvin. A great female grappling tournament!

Les musulmanes canadiennes ont décidé de réagir devant une série d’attaques islamophobes dont ont été victimes certaines d’entre elles.

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A Taekwondo fighter (Kwonkicker) goes up against a Muay Thai fighter (Shane Fazen) in this martial arts fight scene, produced by Fight Tips. Starring, Direct…

Shouton, Kesshou Gokakurou !
Episode : 91
voila un trés puissant jutsu qui a abbatu 16 personnes en 1 coup
(jiraya vs pein) combat tres attendue
Musique : Douten
Utilisateur : guren
Allez voir mes vidéos , vous verrez des extres en animés de
Jiraya vs pein et de sasuke vs itach.

Krav Maga Israeli Military System , self defense for the “normal person on the street”

WWE Wrestling – John Cena, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Big Show and Mark Henry vs. Kane, Seth Rollins and the Wyatt Family. Thanks for watching.

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The first gauntlet. Just head on balls to the walls fighting everything with the TDS, except Lunar on the dog fight. Used a single UT on the bridge fight and one IS for archers accross the river.