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Senjo Kai Jujutsu Premier Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu School in the united states of America.

The Budo Ryu held a Tenjin Ryu Jujutsu kuden event in January of 2012. This is some of the training that we went over during that seminar. The Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo is a school of traditional Japanese fighting arts and has established 22 schools world wide with its headquarters located in Kansas City, Ks. The BRND trains in all areas of traditional Japanese bujutsu (old Japanese fighting arts). This includes hand to hand combat, grappling, ground fighting, all traditional weapons of the ninja and samurai, modern weapon applications and tactics, self-defense, self-protection, survival skills as well as mental and emotional conditioning. 7 WARRIOR TRADITIONS OF THE SCHOOL: * Koka Ryu Kempo (甲賀流拳法) * Tenjin Ryū Jujutsu (天神流柔術) * Tomo Ryu Shinobijutsu (戸猛流忍術) * Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū (無雙直傳英信流) * Koto Ryu Koppojutsu (虎倒流骨法術) * Gyokko-Ryū Kosshijutsu (玉虎流骨指術) * Togakure-ryū Ninpo Taijutsu (戸隠流忍法体術) Each of these ancient fighting arts has it own aspect to warfare. SOME of the Skills that a student will train in are: Seishinteki kyōyō (spiritual refinement) Taijutsu (unarmed combat), Kenjutsu (sword techniques), Bōjutsu (stick and staff techniques), Sōjutsu (spear techniques), Naginatajutsu (naginata techniques), Kusarigamajutsu (kusarigama techniques), Shurikenjutsu (throwing weapons techniques), Kayakujutsu (pyrotechnics), Hensōjutsu (disguise and impersonation), Shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods), Bajutsu (horsemanship), Sui

Click on “CC” for English and French subtitles! Read more articles about Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu Documentary on Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu at the Takumakai, the organisation created by Hisa Takuma Sensei who received his Menkyo-kaiden form Takeda Sokaku himself. Find more on Interview with Olivier Gaurin

A demonstration of various authentic aiki techniques, performed by Hugo Chauveau, Taki Dojo cho. Aiki-jujutsu Belgium. http

Danzan Ryu Jujutsu.

A discussion of the mental aspects of classical martial arts with a demonstration of re-directions of force. These techniques come from kenjutsu as it is the foundation of strategy and movement and defines the art.

Jason Ortega completed his Hachidan (8th degree black belt) demonstration in Seibukan Jujutsu on August 11th of 2012, earning him the title of Renshi in Seibukan Jujutsu.

Togakure Ryu DVDs covering the complete Taijutsu Kata of this Ryu and all the Biken (sword) Kata are available from

Here is a video promo of the Togakure Ryu Ninpo Tai Kai taught by Anshu Christa Jacobson headmaster of the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo. In this event Anshu taught the methods of Togakure Ryu Ukemi Gata, Santo Tanko no Kata, Shinobi Gaeshi Gata as well as the Ninja Biken, Shinobi Iri and Togakure Goton and Doton no jutsu. When we made this video, although 90% of it is from the 2010 taikai, we did add more togakure ryu training from various other training sessions to give the viewer a broader range at many other aspects of the togakure ryu tradition that the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo teaches. If you are interested in purchasing this DVD all videos are exclusively sold in the International Ninjutsu Super Store at: If you want more information about training in the Authentic Ninjutsu Methods of the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo please log on to http Anshu Christa Jacobson