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Expert demonstrations of the power that can be learned in martial arts training with destruction of roofing tiles, breeze blocks and house pricks using nothing more than punches, chops and head butts, taken from the A to Z of Martial Arts DVD from Beckmann. DVD or VHS available now at Beckmann Direct – It is very clear that everyone have a great experience receiving quality Martial Arts Instruction from the Best Premiere Martial Arts School in Tustin, California.

HKB Tustin Martial Arts Academy is the best martial arts academy to provide you with the best martial arts experience and quality instruction possible. As the training headquarter location of the world Premier Kung Fu Organization; The Official Hek Ki Boen Kun Tao, we have grown so far and expanded now in 13 Countries in North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Being a premiere Martial Arts School, HKB Tustin Martial Arts Academy have long successful track-record of helping people just like you in achieving your goal in training Martial Arts to be Safer, Healthier and Happier by developing and maximizing Your True Human Potential using our Proven Realistic Martial Arts training methods.

Our Martial Arts/Self Defense Training Center are conveniently located at 14051 Newport Ave, Suite A2, off the Freeway 5 in Tustin, California. We are also serving the greater Orange County area in California, this includes Tustin, Irvine, Orange, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, New Port Beach, Cypress, Cerritos, Garden Grove and Los Angeles.

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Early competition footage of the then emerging freestyle martial arts which wuld eventually evolve into mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, footage of male and female fights using a combination of martial arts disciplines in competition. Taken from the A to Z of Martial Arts DVD from Beckmann. DVD or VHS available now at Beckmann Direct

A Fox Chicago newscast about a karate instructor who knocks people out without even touching them. Notice that Stephan Bonnar is one of the Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu students who is apparently immune to the deadly technique.

Stephan Kesting from teaches the two worst techniques he’s ever seen in his 30 years of martial arts training

Learn How to Fight: – “Illegal” fight moves for extreme survival scenarios. – Same moves outlawed for MMA and Cage Fights. – Discover “dirty” street fighting moves that gangs, thugs, and felons don’t want you to know. – A strange “split-second” move that requires absolutely no skill or practice to master. – And much more! Click here to download now ——————————————————- ´PROTECTO´ Self – Defense System techniques demonstrated by creator Nenad Ikras CONTACT INFORMATION: MSN; e – mail: FACEBOOK: Nenad Ikras

This is a MARTIAL ARTS TRICKING battle. Tricking is an artform derived from the martial arts, where the practitioner (tricker) incorporates acrobatics with other expressive styles of movement into highly dynamic combinations of kicks, flips, and twists. While typically practiced for personal development, occasionally trickers will compete in trick battles where the game is about showmanship, originality, and execution. Like it. Share it. Tweet it. Tons more footage like this on this YouTube channel. Subscribe to watch more martial arts tricking! Team CFC (Coneys, Macias, Lewis) flew out from Washington DC to make a statement to the LA trickers at the closing gathering for Travis Wong’s world renown martial arts tricking center, White Lotus. This was the last battle of the night, and the last battle of the gym. This is tricking history. PART 2 – THE POST BATTLE BATTLE: TRICKERS IN THE VIDEO: Will Coneys (black/white shorts, black leggings): Javier Macias (red tanktop, Adidas pants): Jefferson Lewis (blue shirt, white cap): vs. Kyle McLean (white tank): Daniel Graham (guy who throws off red tank top and does crazy combo around 2 min in): Anis Cheurfa (black tank top): Subscribe to this channel! Contact the editor: Special thanks to Cam Caddie for lending the camera stabilizing equipment. www

Here’s video #1 from Self Defense Secrets a web site by John Moore, sensei of ketsugo jujutsu. Looking forward to the rest of the series. This one is on groundfighting.

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Does a knife-hand strike to the vagus nerve really work? Watch these two US Marines demonstrate a technique from the MCMAP (Marine core martial arts program) and see: