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SILAT on ————————— For generations, Silat Suffian has been practised by close family members only; its primary objective has been to approach realistic, simple and unquestionably effective self-defense and combat skill through the understanding of the human body mechanics and weaponology. The topics covered are: 1. Edged weapons – short blades, machetes, karambit, etc. covering blade defense and blade fighting 2. Impact weapons – staff, sticks, knuckle dusters, heavy weapons, etc 3. Close Quarter Flexible weapons 4. Close Quarter Weapons Disarms – from firearms, impact weapons, edged weapons, etc More info on Silat Suffian Bela Diri at http

beladiri militer – kamayan karatala – gun disarm – knife disarm – beladiri tangan kosong – hand to hand combat – indonesia -fighting – beladiri – hybrid mart…

Online PDF Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide to Koryu Jujutsu (Bushido–The Way of the Warrior) Free PDF Download


Janpan Martial Arts Movies 2014,Death or Love Action, English Subtitles,OTHER MOVIES | FULL ENGSUB : Watch online Death or Love Action , Watch online Death…

Self Defense Family Deathwish Fest The Middle East 7/22/14.

Easy way – How to escape the Full Nelson

Demonstration de Jujitsu Bresilien au festival du bout du monde a Genève…

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