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Tiga daripada empat pesilat negara yang menyertai kejohanan ONE Silat malam tadi berjaya memenangi pertarungan menewaskan pesilat dari negara lain.

Kemenangan diperolehi menerusi Muhammad Nurhisyam, Naimul Amal dan peserta wanita, Audrey Laura.

Krav Maga is a great technique to defend yourself in critical situations. At IDF Training You will be provided expert training of krav maga so that people learn to protect themselves.

JET Li – Born to Defend (1986) – Full Movie (Martial Arts – Jet Li Movies) Enjoy the movie and don’t write insulting comments. Jet Li, a young soldier at the…

Nihon Jujutsu Part II 04-19-09
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Since the beginning of time people have always been striving to find the most effective ways to inflict pain on one another. What began with sticks and stone…

Once the pride of Asia in every aspects including military power, the Philippines has become the sick man of Asia during the last years of and after the dict…

From Shaolin temple 3 – Martial arts of Shaolin [1986] with Jet Li.

SELF DEFENSE VS. RAPE ****note: sorry for the subtitles grammar mistakes.****

This video was shot at the Smithsonian museum on October 27th, 2010 for the Filipino American History Month. This is the complete demo and includes the Q & A…