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BJK Ninja presents the Bujinkan Kihon DVD. This video covers the basics of Taihenjutsu, Ukemi, Dakentaijutsu, Gogyo No Kata, Kihon Happo, and etc. Please visit or for more information.

This video is for entertaiment. technics where done slowly so people can see them. I am not a black belt or my friend. We wanted to share some good stuff wit…

woman self defense in the street

Shomen Uchi Ushiro Ryote Dori – Ushiro Muna Dori

İstanbul Beylikdüzü BU DO KAN Aikido

Antrenör Fatih Sensei
İletişim 0533 767 72 80

Aikido Dojo ‘ da öğrenilir.


stage kali 12 mars 2016 au club de penchak silat de Mauguio

championnat du monde de jujitsu à Rotherdam en nov 2006 de julien boussuge en -69kg.

In Colombia yesterday before a special commission of congress, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón denied charges of systematic, forced military recruitment in spite of hard evidence to the contrary, saying the complaints registered were only isolated incidents. Charles Parkinson reports from Bogota. teleSUR : “Slovenia Seminar” 27-28/09/14 Here’s a glimpse from the 2 day seminar organised by T.B.S. Slovenija. In this clip Alvin Gui…