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Master Ninja Mode Chapter 11 handicap play with no items, no ninpo and original lifebar. Part 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma-TGD-Abysmal Lair 2-Master Ninja-No Hurt-No Ninpo(Live Commentary)

Le 31 decembre 2007 minuit,a kyoto au japon dans le temple ZEN RINZAI,DAITOKUJI,les japonais,ma femme et moi,faisons la queue pour faire resonner la cloche du temple ,pour les 108 coups de minuit,symbolisant le passage de l’annee 2007 a l’annee 2008,et aussi purifier les 108 passions humaines.un couple et leur fils etant les 87eme,ma femme et moi meme ,etions les 88 eme .bonne annee 2008!

The School of Hard Knocks 33 filmed at the Spectra Place in Estevan. Professional and Amateur fighters from across North America battle it out in the cage. Tyrone Halkett vs. Nic Dupasquier

First video of pre training before The first offical Fudoshin Ryu seminar in St Louis, centre of the United states. With Llermo Rogers, Jacob beck and Paul Lugg, first overseas student.

Just when you thought you might see something you didn’t expect, you actually saw something you didn’t expect

Event Description: The College of Charleston’s Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture will host a public history symposium and commun…

IKM Krav Maga NYC – Pure Israeli Self Defense – Krav Maga training & classes

Lazimnya persembahan silat pulut ini dipersembahkan pada majlis2 perkahwinan ,sangat pepulour pada era 60an dan 70an diutara semenanjung,bagi memeriahkan sua…

Amazing kids – Kids make martial arts demonstration