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UFC Latino Episode: 64 WEC eliminó la categoría de peso y Hendricks firmó contrato en UFC en Mayo del 2009; éste haría su debut en contra del ganador del TUF7 Amir Sadollah. Hendricks se caracteriza por terminar sus peleas en el primer asalto, y aquí no iba a ser la excepción.

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Elisabetta Canalis ha scelto IKMF per allenarsi in Krav Maga e con il nostro supporto ha voluto realizzare una dimostrazione di krav a Pitti Uomo il 19/6/2013 per sensibilizzare l’opinione…

While you can increase your level of safety by being aware of your surroundings, remaining calm is another way to set yourself up to successfully escape a physically threatening situation. Effective self defence techniques do not have to involve carrying any sort of weapon, and your calm but forceful actions may be enough to diffuse an unsafe encounter. Simple and controlled movements can be deceptively effective, even against someone who is much bigger or stronger than you. If you react quickly and with purpose, your assailant may be distracted long enough for you to escape and seek help as needed.

It is important to note that self defense training is not the same as training in a martial arts. Most modern martial arts focus around competition, usually through the use of judged matches. While self defense systems often draw moves from various martial arts the two sets of systems could not be more different. The point of a martial art is to fight in order to win, while the point of self defense is to fight in order to survive. Mistaking one type of training for the other is incredibly dangerous in the real world, and can put an individual in more danger than if he or she was untrained.

Shinobi-Kai Ninpo Bugei UK – Christmas Seminar. Including training, demos, gradings and some unexpected Christmas panto! Great day, great training!

Combat 2x2min lors du passage de ceinture verte au club Krav Maga Montpellier Mauguio.

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Surviving The Criminal Justice System After A Self-Defense Shooting

The Israeli were the David up against a true Goliath. They needed a sling shot and a handful of rocks to defend themselves against those who would destroy them. Their answer was Krav Maga. This self defense approach allowed men and women of any age to defend themselves and overtake their attackers. Using elements of Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and plain old street fighting, the Israeli’s were overwhelmed in numbers, but able to hold back their enemy. Now you can learn these methods for self-defense, strength training, and cardio. Call now! Classes are forming. (504) 324-5705 Visit our website at We are located at 2901 General DeGaulle Drive, New Orleans, LA 70114 Marketing by http

Don’t be a victim! Learn self defense techniques through our self-defense classes, which will boost your confidence and teach you how to be aware of your surroundings.