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Should you receive a “robocall” regarding negative online comments you may have made about US President Donald Trump, it’s probably best not to panic.

During late November, a number of people shared details or audio of the calls to Facebook and Twitter, though a tweet about such a call was posted as early as July.

Rather than being a Trump-backed rebuke of your online behavior, it’s likely a prank call from a friend, taking advantage of a prank service.

The call was created thanks to a service provided by Ownage Pranks. Ownage Pranks explained how the calls work to Snopes saying, “the user is on the call while the call is sent. They are in fact manually sending the call to the receiver and listening in real time. It is not an automated dialer.”

Some have identified the group behind the calls as Citizens for Trump, and there is an online organization under that name. A Gizmodo report on the calls notes that the Citizens for Trump website “encourages people to submit” Trump-related memes.

One of the people who got a call was a YouTuber known as Chozo Ninpo, or Eric Wright to his friends, who posted the call he received to YouTube on November 27. Wright has shared anti-Trump messages in the past. Credit: YouTube/Chozo Ninpo via Storyful

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