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Hanshi Kevin Pereira Founder of the Shishikan bujutsu kai practicing on one of his students

Pencak silat dan seni budaya memiliki hubungan yang erat, di masa lalu para pendahulu sering kerap menggunakan alasan seni dalam pelatihan tradisi tarung. Un…

Final du tournois de paris IDF 2009 de jujitsu, categorie duo system mixte, dans lequelle s’affronte le duo PEREA/PEREA (en rouge) et le duo COUCAUD/JACQUET (en bleu)

perlawanan akhir antara UPSI dan UITM Shah Alam di kejohanan pencak silat UPSI dan jemputam antarabangsa…kejohanan ini diadakan di Universiti Pendidikan Su… The idea is the very foundation of Jiu Jutsu to go with the flow and counter each attack of your opponent and give you momentum in combat.

Pencak Silat from Bandar Lampung Indonesia.

Sergio y Mario tecnica de puño de rodillas,V6.

The self defense system of krav maga was developed in Eastern Europe to defend the Jewish Community from attacks by Nazi gangs. It was started by Imi Lichtenfeld, the Jewish son of a boxer and wrestler. In the 1940s, Lichtenfeld moved to the Land of Israel and began teaching his fighting system to the Jewish militias. Krav Maga quickly became an official part of Israel’s army training. It is a combination of various martial arts and is designed to be learned quickly by groups of all abilities. It means “close combat” or “contact combat” in Hebrew one against many attackers fighting at a disadvantage and using objects around you as weapons. It is popular for women’s self defense classes and police anti-riot units. Today, krav maga has spread from Israel to all parts of the world. This Jewish History Moment has been brought to you by Israel National Radio. For more free downloadable podcasts on news, music, politics and more, visit

Winner of the Strikeforce World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament, Daniel Cormier talks about his win by unanimous decision over Josh Barnett.

Ninja Saga Christmas 2013 Event (skill) Music Name : Kraddy Android Porn.