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Démonstration de Krav Maga FEKM par Richard Douieb et son équipe lors du festival des arts martiaux à Bercy, en février 2014. Visit the link above to know more about Bruneian Martial Arts —————————– The video hightlight was shot during a successful International Kerambit Seminar in Italy. People from different martial arts attended the seminar and more than half of them are instructors and have thier own martial arts academies. Attendance came from Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, other than from different parts of Italy. The seminar covered entries, release counters and take-downs in regards to the Kerambit. What is a KERAMBIT? The Kerambit (aka, karambit, korambit) is a small hooked knife with a ring on its handle. Its a traditional close quarter, stealth weapon found most commonly in old silat styles and a few other southeast asian martial arts like several Filipino Kali schools. No matter how a person tries to convince you that the kerambit is an agricultural or DIY tool you cant help but feel and see that its design and function is more for killing then anything else. Based on the design of a tigers claw, a competent practitioner don’t just cut any part of the body but aims for the arteries and soft tissues of the body. The kerambit cuts and slices, but its design functions more for tearing and piercing, to inflict maximum damage. This seminar aims to raise curiosity and awareness among people of different nationalities about the martial heritage and culture of Brunei Darussalam and silat in general. The understanding that what makes a martial art is


KAPAP (corpo a corpo), WEAPONS (armi), POLICE (tecniche operative di polizia), MILITARY (tecniche operative militari), CQB (Combattimento in ambienti chiusi), LOTAR (Antiterrorismo), SURVIVAL (sopravvivenza) .

FIKL – Federazione Italiana Kapap Lotar – Kapap Lotar e Krav Maga –

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Team Mission Warrior 10 No Ninpo Ryu Hayabusa (Artorias) Version

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