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Pervert: Dominic Monaghan, Girl 1: Alexis Quasarano, Girl 2: Laura Gerow, Girl 3: Erika Rankin, Girl 4: Meghan Parks
Written by Nathan Barnatt, Seth Barnatt
Director of Photography Paul B Cummings Kenjutsu, art of the sword, at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis featuring the Japanese martial art of Aiki-Jujutsu under the direction of Ted Hanulak Sensei
pencak silat setia hati
by. tomy sudrajat & franz zappa swarajat gemilang

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Slumber Party Theater Presents: “Sexy Girl Contest – Mixed Martial Arts Ring Card Babes – Part 6!!!!” Amazing hot & sexy girls compete to be the card girls in the ring during the Mixed Martial Arts competition known as The Lone Star Beat Down produced by Death row MMA and held at The Jolly Fox! Beware of strong language and strong opinions!

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WINNER Best Underground Film – Indie Fest USA 2008. Nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Make-Up, and Best Feature Film – Indie Fest USA 2008

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A very short demonstration of very basic Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Tai-jutsu techniques demonstrated by Clive Stewart (4th Dan) with Terry Stewart (4th dan) as Uke. These techniques are usually practiced in a more formal fashion. However the objective here is to show how basic Ninpo Tai-Jutsu can be used against the more common type of attackers. If one can do the correct patterns in the formal way then one can naturally adapt them to different situations. For more information about Genbukan Ninpo Bugei in South Africa please visit

Krav maga techniques on street. The importance of the distance in a fight. Do not allow anyone to knock you out. Starring: Luca Arietti • Brescia (BS) • Fb p…