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Grand master and founder of Shishikan Bujutsu Kevin Pereira showing how a cell phone can be used in self defnese

For more info: Or find us on Facebook: Every martial arts movie fan has to recognise Scott Adkins’ ability. With the Undisputed movies and his character ‘Boyka’ becoming insanely popular, I thought it’d be cool to put together a video showcasing some of his other movies and top notch choreography and moves he’s offered martial arts movie fans everywhere. I’ve used footage from the Undisputed movies, Ninja, El Gringo, The Tournament, Special Forces, Extreme Challenge, Assassination Games, The Shepherd: Border Patrol, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning and a clip form one of his older TV show appearances in the UK.

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A bit of video from the taijutsu and hanbo seminar at the Myogu dojo.

the third part of cage fight championships


WWE Wrestling – Stone Cold Steve Austin Saves the Rock From the NWO – WWE Wrestling. Thanks for watching.

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Martial Arts Professional Gold Nunchuck For Sale

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Nunchaku is the weapon with two sticks and also a chain, cable, rope attaching them. They originated from Okinawa as rice flails, it is believed. They are currently used all over the world as a result of their flexibility, enchanting screen, and also self-defence benefactors.

Various techniques are shown with various martial arts styles like Kobudo However, with these old techniques being base for freestyle training, lots of freestylers all over the world have actually created lots of one-of-a-kind techniques as the nunchakus truly have unrestricted potential, you will currently see airborne tosses and also a lot more aesthetically pleasing techniques.

This craze stemmed from Bruce Lee displaying their abilities in his movies, everybody know what a nun chuck is currently. Them could state it – Nunchuck, num chuck, nunchuka! The genuine name is nunchaku but the others are simpler to state for some people.

You can get various wooden, aluminium, steel, foam nunchakus and also telescopic ones. Additionally speed up chucks which are light-weight and also have a smaller chain, and also blinking chucks for screen. You can additionally get fire chucks, but most of the time people simply include the fire illumination material to the end of their own chucks and also get them going.

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Krav Maga Slovakia by F&V Film Studio.