Russia Says Its Syria Bases Beat Back an Attack by 13 Drones

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Russia Says Its Syria Bases Beat Back an Attack by 13 Drones
8, 2018
MOSCOW — The main Russian air and naval bases in Syria beat back an attack by 13
armed drones over the weekend, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Monday.
It said 10 assault drones had flown toward the Hmeimim air base in northwestern Syria, while another
three were directed against the Russian naval station at Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea.
The military denied Russian news media reports that seven military aircraft had been destroyed or damaged by rebel shelling in the Dec. 31 attack,
although a few posts on social media showed what was described as damaged aircraft, including a mangled rear stabilizer on one military jet.
The Russian military said the drone attack was the first such coordinated assault it had experienced against
its bases in Syria, with the drones flying from about 30 miles away and guided by a GPS unit.
Accounts by opposition members and others in Syria said one of the Islamist factions
operating near the northwestern city of Latakia had launched the drone attack.
In its latest announcement, the Ministry of Defense said the drone attack had occurred overnight last Friday.