Paracordist: Monkey’s Fist self defense lanyard – how to tie a manrope knot and 4 strand round braid

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Close https Here is a tutorial on a completely unique creation of mine! Monkeys fists are all over the net, so are monkeys fist lanyards. There are none like this and of that I’m certain. This video is complete with tutorial on the sliding manrope knot and the simple but popular 4 strand round braid. If you like this, be sure to checkout: How to tie a Monkey’s Fist knot stormdrane How to Tie a Two Color Monkey’s Fist by TIAT TyingItAllTogether TIAT Monkey’s Fist – How to Tie it and Practical Applications selfmadesailor How To Make a Paracord Monkeyfist Keychain OTEP1234567891011 How To Tie The Monkey’s Fist – HD forresttrenaman

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