Iran produces explosives at low price, higher safety

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Iran has launched eight new production units in the field of explosives; production lines such as celluloid shell cases, PETN explosives, emulsion explosives and substances for making nitro-medicine. The launch of production line for the celluloid shell case is viewed as a key step in developing defense technology. Such shell cases can be used in mortars. PETN is one of the main materials used in making explosives. Regarding emulsion explosives, Iran’s defense minister said with this unit the production capacity of emulsion explosives has reached 14,000 tons per year from 8,000 tons. This comes as Iran has recently unveiled two strategic military vehicles, “Hoveyze” and “Talayiye”; both have been produced domestically; the first vehicle is a light and quick defense military vehicle with all its parts and equipment produced domestically while the second military vehicle called “Talayiye” is on wheels, which can be equipped with rocket propellers and is considered as a tactical weapon for land defense against any enemy. In the past couple of years Iran has reached self-sufficiency in producing its own military and defense needs, by relying only on its own specialists and engineers, despite being under sanctions for over three decades.