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Håkan Nordkvist Has Visited the Future
Imagine for a moment if you will, sitting in your home having a very normal day when suddenly you are whisked away to some other time and another reality. Well this is what happened to Mr. Hakan Nordkvist while living in Sweden. His story goes as follows… One day while in his home he spotted a leak at his kitchen sink, getting his plumbing tools Hakan tries to reach the leak from under the sink and this is where his reality seems to fade into the unknown. As he tried to reach the back of the sink it seemed to move deeper and further back from him as if stretching beyond his reach so Hakan crawled under the sink to get to the leak, there he saw a light and realized he was able to stand up and was outside. (read up on Wormholes) Once he realized this he stood up and there standing before him was an older version of himself. Hakan states that he realized the old man resembled him in some fashion and that he talked to his older self for a while having the time of his life sharing information with the old him. He says the older him was around seventy years old. Now it would be real easy to just say this is a story accept that Hakan had a video phone with him and he took a video of himself and his older self arm in arm and then they compared tattoos on their right arms. This is the most convincing truth ever brought forth about time travel.
The Hoax Theory:

What really happened to Hakan Nordkvist? Was it a video hoax… well here is where the doubt ensues. Hakan began to blog about his experience in Sweden and suddenly the internet was a buzz with the story of the Swedish time-traveler Hakan Nordkvist. Hakan was then approached by a film making company that was funded by a failing pension funds company known as AMF, one of the largest pension firms in Sweden. Thus AMF had his video made into a documentary which they posted on their site… pensions and an older version of yourself… can you say pension commercial? Yes that is exactly what the court of public opinion has labeled Hakan’s experience. We’ve all seen viral campaigns done by everyone from celebrities to companies trying to drive traffic to their sites… but is this video a commercial or something the company picked up on and decided to run with it real or not to pick up their business? You have to admit it is a fantastic story and any advertiser would love to have thought it up. But the only thing we can say for sure is that the video being that it is a cell phone video seems to lend credence to the story, and then there is the resemblance between the old man and Hakan which is uncanny. Then there are the tattoos, some people have commented that their tattoos don’t even match in size or that they are too much of a perfect match to be real, well take into consideration that if you age some forty years your skin will stretch and the ink will blotch and fade, then in regards to them matching, well if they are the same person of course they will match perfect but look close at the tattoos when you examine this video and you be the judge. I for one believe it is true, Hakan seems sincere in his account of the story.
the time travel and teleportation experiments of project pegasus
In 2004, Washington-based attorney Andrew D. Basiago began telling his story of a top-secret organization called Project Pegasus. Although he was only seven years old at the time, Basiago claims he had, from 1968 to 1972, participated in a number of bizarre experiments that took him on journeys through time, space, and potentially into parallel universes.

“Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government – the real Philadelphia Experiment.” – Project Pegasus Mission Statement
The mission of Project Pegasus was to study the effects of time travel and teleportation on children, as well as to relay important information about past and future events “to the US President, intelligence community, and military

In Syria’s Skies, Close Calls With Russian Warplanes
8, 2017
AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — Russian fighter jets have flown dangerously close to American warplanes in eastern Syria over the past month — including one near-collision — in what American
officials say is a pattern of daily Russian violations of an agreement to separate rival forces converging on the last main pocket of Islamic State militants in the country.
Every day, an American Air Force officer calls his Russian counterpart at an air base in Latakia,
Syria, to head off, or “deconflict,” as the military says, any potential problems over Syria.
“The greatest concern is that we could shoot down a Russian aircraft because its actions are seen as a threat to our air or ground forces.” The setting was similar last June in southern Syria, when American warplanes shot down a Syrian Air Force Su-22
and two Iranian-made drones after they had threatened American-backed militia forces.
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia declared on Wednesday
that the Islamic State in eastern Syria had suffered a “complete defeat” — a boast that American officials said exaggerated Moscow’s role and seemed to ignore the contentious efforts to rout the remaining 3,000 Islamic State disciples still on the run.
The Air Force pilots showed restraint, but given that the actions of the Su-24 could have reasonably been interpreted as threatening to
the American aircraft, the F-22 pilots would have been with their rights to fire in self-defense, officials at the Qatar air base said.
Syria said that There’s risk there,
Syrian Army troops backed by Russian air power and Iranian militia are advancing along the western side of the river; Syrian Arab
and Kurdish fighters, supported by American warplanes and Special Operations advisers, are pushing along the eastern river banks.

Dire Warning Issued to All – Fat Jujitsu Warrior Kid on a Warpath

Dire Warning Issued to All – Fat Jujitsu Warrior Kid on a Warpath


Kenjutsu, Aiki jujutsu allowing energy kuzushi
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Since 2015, the number of transgender people killed has risen each year. Now, Jewel Cadet is working in New York City to help transgender women defend themselves. She teaches workshops focused on emotional healing from trauma. Cadet urges women to use their femininity as a powerful tool for self-defense.

Anna takes Finn to Volonino’s to help him learn self-defense.


Steven Seagal Aikido self defense demonstration.

Triple H vs Randy Orton – WWE Championship Match (2007) – WWE Wrestling. Thanks for watching.

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