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Zuaria Abdoldaning mempertunjukkan kebolehannya di Asia Pencak Silat Championship 2011 di Singapore.

Pencak Silat lankas, respiration & techniques de combat vol. 1 par Cecep Arif RAHMAN Apprenez dans ce DVD les techniques du Style Syabandar, qui met en avant le corps et la respiration. Une bonne respiration apporte au pratiquant flexibilité et puissance mais aide également à développer les différents sens corporels pour une meilleure sensibilité aux choses. Vous étudierez plusieurs lankas (déplacements) et leurs applications avec partenaire. Maîtrisez la force et la puissance nécessaire pour de bons déplacements indispensables dans tout combat.
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Pencak Silat Lankas – Breathe – Fight techniques vol. 1 by Cecep Arif RAHMAN Learn in that DVD the methods of the Syabandar Style that points up the body and breathing. An efficient breathing brings to the practicer flexibility and strengh. It also helps to improve the different senses so as to have a better responsiveness to the things that surround us. You will learn different lankas (moves) and their practice with a fighting partner. Master the force and the required strengh to get the right moves that are essential in any fight.
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Sebuah truk yang membawa rombongan pendekar pencak silat terguling dan masuk ke dalam jurang di Madiun, Jawa Timur.

Kecelakaan tunggal ini terjadi di ruas jalur alternatif Ponorogo-Madiun, Minggu (29/4) siang. Diduga rem truk tidak berfungsi sehingga truk tergelincir dan terperosok ke jurang sedalam 70 meter.

Sedikitnya, 60 orang terluka dan dibawa ke rumah sakit.


Personel kepolisian dibantu warga setempat mengevakuasi korban truk terguling. Satu per satu korban diangkut dari dasar jurang menggunakan tali dan alat seadanya.

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Japan developed the capability of preparedness of its civil and military branches of armed forces by performing heavy training. The training include; Missile Firing/launching, Heavy Armored Tanks and Armored Vehicles maneuvering , Missile Launch, Portable Rocket Launch and more.

Japan Self-Defense Forces memorial day military parade 23.10.2016

Jujitsu martial arts self defense moves and techniques. Jujitsu for adults and children Long Beach California