From History Channel (4 key moves of every martial art ) Please visit :

Here is a standing elbow dislocation technique called Maki Hiji Nage from Japanese Jujutsu. This can be ued as an escort (police/bouncers/security), elbow break (self defense) or a take down (and arrest pin). Martial Arts have various powerful kicking techniques. This one is used for speed, surprised and power. It’s called a spinning back kick. The video talks about how to to keep the speed and power of this martial arts kick and how to stay safe, but stretching for the spinning back kick.

Does a knife-hand strike to the vagus nerve really work? Watch these two US Marines demonstrate a technique from the MCMAP (Marine core martial arts program) and see:

Here is a short demonstration of the famed kukri knife by a group of Gurkha soldiers. Gurkhas hail from Nepal and are well respected in battle.

Recently a lone Gurkha riding on a train in India fought off 40 bandits armed with knives swords and guns when they tried to rape a young woman.

These guys are real-life Rambos.