My third and most current AMV (Ayamari & Aito translates to mistake & regret; crappy title go! XD) Anime: Basilisk – Koga Ninpo Cho Music/Artist: Mistakes and Regrets/…And you will know us by the Trail of Dead

Krav Maga (Hebrew קרב מגע: “close combat”) is an eclectic self-defense and military hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel, which assumes no quarter, and emphasizes maximum threat neutralization in a “real life” context

Demonstration of military self-defense 2011. KOUKOULETSOS VAIOS Professor of Military & Police Self-Defense

Korea’s traditional martial arts Taek-kyon cf. not tae-kwon-do

Ju-Jutsu ist wohl die modernste Selbstverteidigung, die sich, anders als die “traditionellen Systeme”, stetig weiterentwickelt. Dieser Trailer zeigt die vielseitigen Anwendungsformen, vom Wettkampf über Polizeitraining, Frauen-Selbstverteidigung bis zum Kindertraining…. Mehr Infos auf – Trailer kann bei auch in High-Quality bestellt werden!

Dr. Christine Korol discusses how to defend yourself against difficult people with Dr. Kim Sogge. Be sure to visit to receive notices of upcoming classes and more info. This video was filmed in a single take with no rehearsals, and is therefore not intended as a standard of technical exposition. The focus at Seishi Teppei Jujutsu Kai is on teaching, researching and preserving the Jujutsu lineage of Seishi Teppei Sensei. Judo is taught, however, as a separate subject (being the sport form of Jujutsu) for those students who have the time and interest, in order to broaden their martial arts and cultural education. The two arts are kept distinct however, and Judo is not part of the grading syllabus. http Impressionen vom Taijutsu kihon Seminar 2011 im Budokan Bensheim.