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As people have known that, Ninja is a person who excels in a particular skill or activity. Skills of daken-taijutsu or striking, kicking, and blocking; jutai-jutsu or grappling, choking and escaping the holds of others, and taihenjutsu or silent movement, rolling, leaping, and tumbling asisted the Togakure ninja in life-threatening, defensive situations. They were originally from Japan.
But in Vietnam, we use this term to define a middle-aged WOMAN who drives a motorbike (called Lead). They use their own skills to control their motorbike while carry a lot of things. In this video, the woman tries to balance a long pile on the motorbike but still keep driving on the road.
This road with 3 lanes but this long pile blocked the views and almost half of the road of other drivers

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Le Grand-maître Stefano Surace, 10e dan Menkyo Kaiden, montre avec deux de ses Assistants, Bruno Ovarlé et Stéphane Fernandes, une séries de techniques suggestives et expéditives de Ju-Jitsu Butokukai, exécutées sur le sol dur (et non pas sur le tatami) selon les habitudes de son école et les traditions des vieilles écoles japonaises authentiques.

Uganawa Adanhdo Jujutsu (Grappling)

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A witness to the deadly Uber shooting on Interstate 25 in Denver said it was a case of self-defense.

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