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Le Grand-maître Stefano Surace, 10e dan Menkyo Kaiden, montre avec deux de ses Assistants, Bruno Ovarlé et Stéphane Fernandes, une séries de techniques suggestives et expéditives de Ju-Jitsu Butokukai, exécutées sur le sol dur (et non pas sur le tatami) selon les habitudes de son école et les traditions des vieilles écoles japonaises authentiques.

Uganawa Adanhdo Jujutsu (Grappling)

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Kung Fu vs Aikido & Jujutsu Techniques

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Don’t Mess With KungFu Girls _ Best Female Martial Arts 2018

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In the following video clip Check Out This Martial Arts Training Near Me, Spinning Competition Technique by Specialist Martial Arts Weapons Producer. Buki Yuushuu is pleased to offer this Astronamy method training.

In this YouTube video clip, John Bitting “JB” from Team Buki Yuushuu demonstrates how to perform the Bo Team Astronamy Technique. Practice this and utilize it in your following competition form.

Martial Arts Training

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