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shihan ali abdul karim kenpo taijutsu

Kanai Sensei Taijutsu Class at San Francisco Aikikai in 2003. This has been truncated to fit into 10 minutes, to see full version or to purchase the DVD go to www.sfaikikai.com

Footage of a women demenstrating the martial art of Jujitsu

The Israeli were the David up against a true Goliath. They needed a sling shot and a handful of rocks to defend themselves against those who would destroy them. Their answer was Krav Maga. This self defense approach allowed men and women of any age to defend themselves and overtake their attackers. Using elements of Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and plain old street fighting, the Israeli’s were overwhelmed in numbers, but able to hold back their enemy. Now you can learn these methods for self-defense, strength training, and cardio. Call now! Classes are forming. (504) 324-5705 Visit our website at www.KravMagaNewOrleans.com. We are located at 2901 General DeGaulle Drive, New Orleans, LA 70114 Marketing by http

Better TV checks out a new fitness routine that adds a kick of self-defense.

Danzan Ryu Jujutsu. www.danzan.com

To buy DVD’s go to www.quantumjujitsu.com This is a DEMO ladies and gentlemen, it is for entertainment. Enjoy. Quantum Jujitsu is a MMA style that involves sport, street and art. If you would like to lean more, go to www.quantumjujitsu.com

Pencak Silat, Indonesian Martial Art www.youtube.com

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy stunts performed bu Shaolin monks with their incredible kung-fu and qigong powers, but this is a first. Here’s a slow-motion video of a monk throwing a needle through a plate of glass. It definitely wins the award for coolest martial arts video on Youtube this week.