Kung Fu

My dojo got handpicked to do a demonstration at the annual Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC on Saturday April 4th 2009. I wasn’t allowed to show the whole video so I edited it only showing the parts where Im in it.The techniques contained in this video are techniques from true Ninpo Bujutsu/Ninjutsu. Not some Naruto and American Ninja type stuff. The techniques are variations of true ryu-ha(school systems). This martial art is very old and specifically made for war. “War has no rules, bring rules to war and you will surely lose” I take my martial arts training extremely serious so I have no time for negative comments about how MMA could beat this and that because in all reality Its all martial arts.

Teil 2: www.youtube.com Eine Live-Reportage bei Krav Maga München (www.krav-maga-muenchen.de) bzw. direkt aus dem Kampfkunst-Studio (www.kampfkunst-studio.de) in München. Es werden die Ansätze des Krav Maga zur Selbstverteidigung beispielhaft gezeigt. In Teil 2 werden dann weitere Infos, etwa zum Thema Nothilfe, vermittelt.

Warming up with long time student Connor Gill, at Professor Sayfullah’s Dojo in Philadelphia.

A very short demonstration of very basic Genbukan Ninpo Bugei Tai-jutsu techniques demonstrated by Terry Stewart (4th Dan) with Clive Stewart (4th dan) as Uke. These techniques are usually practiced in a more formal fashion. However the objective here is to show how basic Ninpo Tai-Jutsu can be used against the more common type of attackers. If one can do the correct patterns in the formal way then one can naturally adapt them to different situations. For more information about Genbukan Ninpo Bugei in South Africa please visit www.genbukansa.com

Naruto doing combined Jutsu with his frog buddies. English Translation, Collaboration Technique: Wind Style: Toad Oil Flame Bullet

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In this free video clip learn how to properly use and defend against edge weapons according to Krav Maga teachings for self defense training. Expert: Steve Jimenez Contact: www.fitandfearless.com Bio: Steve Jimenez is the lead instructor of the South Austin location for Krav Maga International. He holds three black belts in three martial arts disciplines. Filmmaker: Murlin Evans

Rules:Taijutsu ONLY (Circle Combos) No Ultimate or Special Attacks! (KILLING TIME AND JUST HAVING FUN) Have you done this before? Sorry For Failing :( (Note: Kakashi’s Combos End in a Ninjutsu but there isnt anything i can do about that XD. YOU GET THE POINT THO) (ALSO TESTING 1080P)…