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Se trata de una recopilación de 5 juegos de Neo Geo desarrollados por ADK. Lo más interesante de esta colección de juegos es que la mayor parte de ellos sólo estaban disponibles en Japón, y ahora también se pueden jugar en PS4 (se trata de una versión de un juego de PS2 que tampoco salió de tierras niponas).  

Los juegos retro que se incluyen en la colección son el juego de luch Aggressors of the Dark Kombat (de donde vienen las siglas ADK), Ninja Masters Hao Ninpo Cho, Ninja Combat, Ninja Commando (sin duda, los asesinos secretos del Japón medieval eran la temática favorita de este estudio) y Twinkle Star Sprites. 

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The front kick is usually the first kick you learn how to throw in the martial arts. Here’s an exercise to help you throw it faster and stronger!


I call this the Free Fall Front Kick Drill. The challenge is to kick with your front front without shifting your weight to the back foot.

WARNING: If you have issues with your knees or your ankles, keep your feet close together. This is an explosive move!

Throw the front kick at whatever height you feel comfortable. But remember–no leaning, standing or pulling back!

The goal is to create a “free fall” feeling, like you’re at the top of a roller coaster. You can’t do this in slow motion. It’s all in!

The back foot can either drag behind or drive forward to add the power of your body weight. If you want to practice standing in place, that’s fine, too.

If you can handle it, the next challenge is to widen into a front stance or bow and arrow stance and try the same thing. When your back leg is locked, you can’t cheat.

One visualization that might help is pretending you’re stuck in mud. Imagine you’re tugging your foot straight up and kick it forward as fast as you can. That’s the feeling you want.

Ready for a real challenge? Throw your front kick standing on one leg! Even kicking at ankle height is a killer.

For a real burn out, try 4 sets of 10 kicks on each leg. 10 and 10 with your feet close, 10 and 10 in your fighting stance, 10 and 10 in a front stance, and 10 and 10 on one foot. WHEW!

Because it’s not easy to front kick with the front foot without shifting back, you’ll see a lot of kickers, like in Muay Thai or Taekwondo, using a tall, narrow stance. You’ll also see martial artists jumping around and constantly switching their feet. All great tactics! Those moves help to hide their weight shifting and make lifting the foot much easier.

But don’t limit yourself! Training for self-defense means I want to be able to kick with either leg from any position, high or low. And even if I never need to throw a front kick from a low, wide stance, training to do it is still a great workout and builds great habits.

Give it a try! :)

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Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant – 1st Meeting and Match – WWE WWF Wrestling. Thanks for watching.

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Padepokan silat Taman Mini Indonesia Indah akan menjadi lokasi perhelatan test event cabang olahraga pencak silat, pada hari Sabtu (10/2). Rencananya, pada Asian Games Agustus mendatang, venue pertandingan kembali direnovasi, khususnya di tribun penonton.

Este es un completo tutorial de técnicas de Pencak Silat, un arte marcial excelente para la defensa personal.

Airborne troops of Japan Self-Defense Forces participated in an annual military drill at Camp Narashino, outskirts of Tokyo. The units are with Ground Self-Defense Force, 1st Airborne Brigade.

Le Live des Championnats du Monde JUJITSU 2014 commenté…