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Mexico is one of the world’s most dangerous countries to be a journalist, with at least 82 killed while doing these jobs since 2000. Now the Mexican military is offering journalists training courses for self-defense that go far beyond what’s usually on offer to the press – journalists are taught to fire automatic weapons and take part in a simulated shootout.
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Ninpo, Hachimichi No Jutsu!
[Note] Invocation d’abeilles!

Musique: Toshiro Masuda – Fake
Episode: Naruto – 149 – En quoi est-ce different? VOSTFR
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Ninpo, Souzou Saisei!
[Note] Technique Ninja, Régénération divine!

Musique: Toshiro Masuda – Sneaking Nightmare
Episode: Naruto – 95-96 – Le 5èeme Hokage – Bataille sur 3 fronts VOSTFR
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Jujitsu tournament with a very limited ruleset from Poland. Similar to some amateur MMA comps, but the gi allows for the manipulation of clothing which is an interesting element, banned in most MMA events like the UFC. So we get to see a few techniques here that we might not usually see under such limited rules. Visit my blog for more on martial arts:

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