Krav Maga
pencak silat setia hati
by. tomy sudrajat & franz zappa swarajat gemilang

Lors de notre voyage en 2007, Cikgu Halim nous a demandé de participer à une démonstration de Silat Fatani pour le mariage d’une de ses élève.

This is a modified arm drag from the half-guard position utilizing the shin shield that you can use to take your opponent’s back.
Maximum effect, minimum time in training self defense and martial arts systems – Recent rumors and speculations have fueled a rush to buy handguns, assault rifles, and ammunition.

Watch Master Joe Brown run through a step by step guide to disarming an assailant wielding a knife. These are Military Techniques used by the Korean army.

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Around 200 Taiwanese military personnel participate in a live-fire drill in the north of the country on Thursday.

The drill aims to strengthen the island nation’s self defence, and simulates a military attack from China.

Twenty-four self-propelled Howitzers are being used in the exercise, firing their 203 millimetre shells out to sea.

China has claimed the island as its own since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949, and has vowed to bring Taiwan under its control.

The United States switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China in 1979, but remains the country’s biggest ally and arms supplier.

Beijing strongly opposes arms deals between Taiwan and Washington HikoRyu Taijutsu was taught to the Narcotics Surpression Bureau Royal Thai Police, the Philippine National Police SWAT, the Dalai Lama’s security guards and others. It is the realistic combat self-defense style.