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Shishikan System
Shishikan Bujutsu Kai Mission
We are a system devised to give everyone the ability to defend themselves in all situations. As human beings we have the right to walk down the street with confidence and pride. Never be afraid again!. REALITY-BASED MODERN MARTIAL ARTS….THE “REAL DEAL” IN PERSONAL PROTECTION. No fluff, no fancy mess…just effective and brutal techniques designed to give you the tools to survive a violent encounter . CLasses now forming. NO TAP-OUT/NO RULES/NO REF! When surviving is the ONLY option.

Shomen Uchi – Shomen Uchi Kosa – Bu Do Kan Aikido Beylikdüzü Türkiye Promotional video for the Japanese martial art of Senso-Ryu Aikijujutsu at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis under the direction of Ted Hanulak Sensei. Adults only 18+

Shomen Uchi Ushiro Ryote Dori – Ushiro Muna Dori

İstanbul Beylikdüzü BU DO KAN Aikido

Antrenör Fatih Sensei
İletişim 0533 767 72 80

Aikido Dojo ‘ da öğrenilir.


Только драки, только хардкор, только на этом канале фильм – крав мага тренировки часть 2 ——————————- Only fighting only hardcore on this …

Krav Maga is undergoing a revolution in the south. Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art is being transformed to adapt to the realities of modern American life. In an upcoming series on Funker…

The best Krav Maga video. Like, Share, Subscribe! Follow me: Second channel: Music by PurelyDef,…

Treino funcional para melhor desempenho no Krav Maga.

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