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Sketch tiré de la série culte des Monty Python ” Monty Python’s Flying Circus” en sous-titrage français.

領空侵犯機に対する航空自衛隊の対応(シュミレーション) 平成22年度の空自機による緊急発進(スクランブル)回数は386回 ロシア約68%、中国約25%、その他約7%

A police vehicle chase in west Houston on July 28 ended with a Hedwig Village Police Department officer firing his weapon at a man who had fired a gunshot toward the officer. The department…

The completely re-edited 2-Disc Set is ready and has FREE SHIPPING! Go to to order! Caution: Adult language and themes….

In this strange parody, Julius caesar makes a attempt to cheat death by editing the script. Will he be successful? More importantly, will there still be homo…

The chef, author and host of CNN’s “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” talks to Charlie Rose about his new enthusiasm for jiu-jitsu, and why he finds learning …

Our Demo video on Danzan Ryu Traditional Japanese Jujitsu.

Different techniques used in Jujitsu. Music by Evanescence. (from Quantum Jujitsu)

Nos équipes se préparent … Ecole Française de JuJitsu et Self-Défene.

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