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Russian fighter jets performing combat missions over Syria are now equipped with air-to-air missiles for self-defense, Russian officials say, less than a week after one of its planes was shot down by Turkey.

Women’s self-defence seminars, held at the Al-Huda Islamic Centre in Toronto are are aimed at preparing Muslim women for verbal and physical abuse on the streets of Toronto especially after a Muslim woman was attacked and robbed in Toronto by two unknown assailants while picking up her son from school and the firebombing of the Masjid Al-Salaam mosque in the Canadian city of Peterborough.

Les musulmanes canadiennes ont décidé de réagir devant une série d’attaques islamophobes dont ont été victimes certaines d’entre elles.

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The Japanese Self Defense Force along side of the 4th Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment conduct combined gunnery live fire at the Yakima Training Center, Wa.

Turkey and the rebels it backs northern Syria had the right to defend themselves against Russian airstrikes, State Department spokesman told reporters. The rebels reportedly killed one Russian pilot who ejected from the jet hit by a Turkish missile.


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